Friday, June 2, 2023

Just a Few Days Away!

Meet Emily Vogle from ERV Design...

I’m a multi-faceted designer with over 10 years of design experience in apparel and accessories. I love the creative outlet that floral design allows. It’s so different from what I do all day, that it’s great stress relief and creates something beautiful to share in the end. I’ve been making floral arrangements for about six years now and this is my first show!

I love to decorate my home for the different seasons and feel like flowers really help to bring that sense of a new season to the home. It’s also a great creative release for me!

I discovered my talent when I decided to make a floral arrangement one day on a whim and loved the process, as well as the end result. I was hooked from then on! I would describe my creative process by letting the container and the flower speak to me, and then I just go from there.

Meet Jordan Barham from Innergetic Creations...

I’ve been painting for two years now, I am a self taught artist, and this is my 1st time participating in the Avant-Garde show. My inspiration to create comes from being able to express internal visions of creativity through art and allowing me to have art as an outlet. 

As a single mother of three boys, art allowed me to find my personal zen outside of sports and daily routines. two years ago I started with a paint kit that another artist outlined for me. When I was done with that piece the artist was so amazed he posted it on his social media platform. A woman In Texas ended up purchasing it for 10 times the amount I paid. At that moment I realized my passion for art was more than my personal joy. 

Each creation is unique as it can never be replicated, I pride myself in being different! I hope to have my own creative works through a shop where I can not only share my work but teach others how to express their INNERgy through Art.

Meet Rebecca Hunt from Ticket Taskets Baskets Country Farm Decor...
I am a mother of three adult children and a grandma to two grandchildren. I've lived in Columbus for around 10 years. I have been a crafter/creator/artist basically my whole life. I love crafting and creating beautiful and fun things. This will be my first avant-garde show, and I hope to have many more shows in the future!

I have an inner creative drive, I have to create something. Anything I see, I think, "I can make something with this" or "what can I make using this?" I can make almost anything I see. I don't copy, I just use the idea to get my thoughts rolling and creative juices flowing. I get revved up looking at Pinterest or YouTube videos of other crafters making things. 

Starting as a child I have made and created things. I won bicycle safety posters every year then helped my brother win every year after that. After field trips I would make a big poster with pictures from the brochures of trip, like a colorful report of what we just saw on the field trip. I would use all different colored markers, lots of pictures, etc. I would get extra credit for these plus the teachers loved them!

I discovered my creative abilities and love for crafting as a child. My creative process I would describe as spilling out the things I see in my mind on paper, or by sewing or whatever I'm working on. In five years I hope to have several all year round booths to display and sell my items plus craft shows throughout the years. I plan to continue to build my business on Etsy and have my own website as well. 

I love to refresh, recycle and repurpose items, breathing new life into each piece. I love taking items that others discarded and making something new and beautiful, showing that it still has worth and beauty.  I love making trash into treasures. I had planned on writing a book called trash into treasures, then I discovered there were already several books with that title!

Meet Carol Wass from OakTree Art Studio...

I am an artist and creative person. I started in the arts working on a potter’s wheel about 40 years ago. You know creating those lopsided pots that your mom treasures to this day and you are embarrassed about. I have always loved art including drawing, sculpting, watercolor and many other areas. I got busy with life and put my art on the back burner. Every few years or so I would create something and work at it for a while then go quiet again.

A number of years ago when our daughter was getting married she asked if I could help design a wedding invitation. She loved it so much I spent the next couple of years designing greeting cards during the holiday season. Everyone loved them but I realized after doing quite a few craft shows, many people don’t send cards anymore – the electronic card is apparently in. So, I had to channel my ideas and fell in love with polymer clay. It has been a big learning curve and I have tried different techniques and followed some really amazing artists through the web and tutorials. 

I love Donna Kato, Sylvie Peraud, Cynthia Tinapple and Bettina Welker to name a few. I am in awe of artists like Jon Stuart Anderson and Adam Thomas Rees. I love the whimsical creatures I create and have experimented with mixed media pieces too. Each of my art pieces is one of a kind. Because they are handmade expect some slight imperfections.

I have been an artist in different mediums for more than 40 years and have participated in approximately 10 Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows! I love whimsical things but am also very interested in organic and nature inspired items which have sparked my interest to create. I got into the craft hobby when I started working with clay on a potter's wheel in high school.

I discovered my talent by receiving a scholarship in high school to attend Columbus College of Art & Design (1976). My creative process starts with an idea of what I want to sculpt but it never ends up the same as it changes throughout the process. I might think I like the animal ears or eyes one way and they end up being something different. I see myself doing my art as long as my fingers allow. I like to portray the message of my work as detailed and creative!

Meet Lori Lowery from Mountaintop Creations…

I'm Lori Lowery, the face behind Mountaintop Creations. I love all things art and most recently have enjoyed working with Macrame. By day, I am a Middle School art teacher and have enjoyed sharing my love for all things art. 

Macrame is my most recent addiction, but I also love to draw both in traditional ways and digitally. Art has always been a part of me and the act of creating comes naturally. 

When I'm not creating, my husband and I enjoy hiking. Hence the name of my business. Like hiking in the mountains, the journey can be strenuous, tiring, and unpredictable. But once you reach the mountaintop, it is all worth it. I see my art business journey in the same way. 

My dream is to continue with macrame, but also venture into surface design where I can utilize my passion for drawing as well.

2023 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, June 4th, 2023
Makoy Event Center
5462 Center St.
Hilliard, OH 43026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Let the Count Down Begin!

Meet Amanda Roberts from Amanda Roberts Trinkets & Crafts…
I am almost 40 and am trying something newish! I was raised by my grandparents and a lot of my childhood was spent going from one festival to another. Almost all of my good memories came from these experiences. I have always loved to create things but I haven't had the best luck with follow through because I hadn't found the right product/medium. I think I have found something that brings me joy and brings joy to the people that visit my booth.
I’ve been doing my craft for just under a year, and this will be my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show. This all started with me making party favors for my backyard wedding. I made over 150 coasters and everyone loved them. I had people coming up to me afterward asking for more!!

I have always enjoyed art. It has been my safe calming space. There have been years where I was unable to have a creative outlet but that is all changing now.
How I got into my craft… My grandparents raised me and some of my fondest memories are traveling around the state selling at fairs and festivals.
For my creative process, anything that makes me laugh makes it on my table!

The message behind my work is to laugh about life while thinking of others (typically people buy my coasters as presents for other people)

Meet Jen Donovan from Pleasant Valley Apothecary…
Your skin is your body's largest organ, treat it with care! Soap and skin care should be good for you and the environment. My products are made using all natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce! They are made in small batches in my home. I care about giving you the best so you can feel your best and know you are treating the environment with kindness. No synthetic scents or colors ever. Scented with essential oils only. Colors are from botanicals or clays only. Never any petroleum, titanium dioxide, palm oil, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and no animal testing! My packaging is minimal and selected to be reusable and/or recyclable.
I have only just started selling my products after years of making them for myself and as gifts for others.

This is my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show!
I am dedicated to natural products that treat our bodies and the environment with care.
How I got into my hobby… I started out making items for personal use and gifts.

I discovered my talent through trial and error! I started out making products for myself and I only sell what I love!
In five years, I hope to still be creating wonderful things! 
The message behind my work… Simple is always best!

Meet Rae Drotleff from Rae Drotleff Crafts…
My name is Rae! Please refer to me with they or he pronouns, I'm a fiber artist/crafter. I was born and raised in Dublin, OH, but no longer live there. I have lived in Baltimore, MD the past 5 years while getting my bachelors degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. I always have a cup of green tea as soon as I wake up in the morning, and I love to go for a drive or a hike.

My mother taught me how to sew when I was 13, or whatever age you are in 7th grade. I got more serious about sewing and weaving around 2017, and switched my major to fiber arts shortly after. I learned to crochet 4 years ago and to knit 1 year ago.
This will be my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show, and I’m excited to check it out.
I’m inspired to create by trash day, the thrift store, car crashes, conversations I have with my friends, and movies (mainly Ardman productions).

How I got into my craft… To be frank, cosplay. But once I was in school for fiber arts, I wanted to learn how to make stuff that is comfortable to wear, and also has distinctive shapes and pattern mixing. I'm now very driven by the statement or spectacle you can create with a garment, and how much clothing relies on the present.
As a child I loved drawing and making things from sculpey, and lining up my toys like they were going to be a set for a play or a store window. I don't really think of myself as talented, more as stubborn and persistent. My skills didn't come to me overnight, I learned from each piece I made and grew from that. Talking to people is also very informative, and taking classes and being in supportive educational environments brought out some of my favorite works

My creative process… Loud music, and crawling around on the floor aligning my pattern pieces. Or I will put on a tv show, or YouTube, and crochet/knit. When I am making a hat for someone I will ask them for colors they desire, and riffle through my bag of yarn and send them photographs of the yarns I can offer. I often will put the yarns next to each other to compare the color interactions.
In five years, it would be amazing if I had an album/scrapbook of photographs of people in stuff I made that they have sent me. I want to see how my pieces are styled in different hands, I would love to see my pieces worn to parties.

The message behind my work… Humor is underestimated. If you want a trend to happen you have to start it. Stories of lived experience as an LGBT person in the midwest.

Meet Priyanka Aggarwal from ChaiBag… 
I'm Priyanka, founder of ChaiBag - a Masala Chai Co. I'm an engineer-turned-blender, and began creating tea blends in my kitchen that soon were a hit among the local community! After founding ChaiBag, I spent four months in India, researching the best tea and spice gardens to make the best ingredients and flavors in ChaiBag's tea blends!
I founded ChaiBag in 2021, but I have been making chai (and creating spiced-chai blends) since I was a kid :). I also have 10 plus years of supply chain experience in the industry.

This will be my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show!

I first began creating tea blends for my husband, who'd often find himself missing authentic, homemade chai during his travels. The options available at that time weren't the taste of Indian chai that we were familiar with. That's when I decided to create the authentic Indian chai blends that could be prepared in minutes to create flavorful and fresh chai. These blends turned out to be a hit amongst family and friends alike! My inspiration to create was further fuelled by the positive reception within my community, with my product becoming a part of their daily routine  for many of my neighbors. Bringing people joy (and a taste of home) is what inspires me above all!

I got into my hobby due to the fact that I'm good at blending and making chai :). That, coupled with the encouragement I received from the community got me to start ChaiBag.
How I discovered my talent… It was a no brainer. I have been making chai since I was 8 years old! This was and still is one of my best beverage recipes. When I quit my corporate job 2 years back to take care of my little ones, that's when I realized I wanted to have a third baby- my chai co.
My creative process is hands-on - I can visualize the type of flavor I'm looking for in a cup of chai, and during my visit to India, I immersed myself in bringing these exact flavors out through different proportions of spices and black tea. My blends are curated and finalized only once they make the perfect cup of chai well liked by the community.
In five years, I see myself reaching a larger audience in and around the US, and hopefully becoming a household name. I hope to see my chai bring unique and memorable tea experiences to everyone - and I hope to expand  through multiple channels, like local retail stores and e-commerce.

My intent with ChaiBag is to transport my consumer to their grandma's kitchen through the aroma of my spices and herbs. The goal of this soothing beverage is to give them moments of peace, focus or whatever else that they may need at that time!
The key message is clear- take time out for yourself and make this part of your self care routine!

Meet Jillian Maruskin from art2seebyjillianb
I'm a self-taught artist who has been home raising children for six years. Being home with kids is by far the most challenging job I've done and working on my art has been one of the few ways I could have something of my own.

I started dabbling in art about 8 years ago. I started with colored pencils and markers, but have since moved more towards fineliners and watercolors.
This is my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show! 

What inspires me to create… I love to work from photographs. I do not create with the end goal of realism, but pull certain characteristics out of the photograph to highlight while allowing my own style to dominate. I do a lot of self-portraits because I am my most readily available subject. I also love to meet people out in public and get their permission to take a photo and then draw them.
How I got into my craft… To me, making art is an act of self-care and self-preservation. I'm not sure I could survive without the opportunity to create.

I do a lot of studies of famous works and have learned so much from that process. I don't remember a singular moment where I thought, "Hey, maybe I'm good at this," but I do remember a point where I started to trust and accept compliments on my work from family and friends.

My creative process is unorganized and instinctual. 
Where I see myself in five years… I really love to do commission work, so I hope to have a steady stream of people's meaningful photographs to work from.

I don’t have an answer to what the message behind my work is yet. I’m just glad to be able to create. 

2023 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday March 26, 2023
Makoy Event Center
5462 Center St.
Hilliard, OH 43026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Eclectic Talent and Their Stories!

Meet Corey Davis from Coriander Designs…
My name is Corey Davis and I am the owner and creator of Coriander Designs. I have been creating jewelry since high school, starting mostly with bead work but I have made jewelry with wood, leather, fabric, and many other mediums. 

You can view my work at:

Coriander Designs came about, interestingly, after my four kids came down with the flu just this past fall of 2022. We were all cooped up and stir crazy so I bought some craft supplies to pass the time. One of the containers had some polymer clay and after a few tries I was hooked! I had some leftover resin from a past crafting project and with the help of a few YouTube tutorials the next thing I knew I had about 50 earrings. I love jewelry as much as the next person but I knew I needed to start selling my creations or my jewelry box would collapse. 

As I am still green with my skills, I try to work with clay every day so I can improve my technique and skills. What I love about working with clay is, most of the time, you can’t produce the same effect twice. Each time I cut into a slab it comes out different, and I love that! My process is all about experiment and “winging it”. Some of my most favorite pieces are the result of scraps coming together. Clay is a very low waste craft which also makes it very appealing for me. 

The Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show is my first Avant-Garde Show and I couldn’t be more excited. I used to show my work at local fairs and craft shows in college but that was many years and less children ago. I am so excited to be back doing what I love again. I took a break from crafting and jewelry making to create a family and a profession, which I am so proud of, but I am excited to now have Coriander Designs and to be back to creating jewelry. My pieces are about fun, unique design but also about trying again after stepping back. I didn’t expect to jump back into the world of crafting and art so soon, but I’m so glad I did. I am so looking forward to the upcoming show and meeting customers and fellow crafters. 

For anyone looking to see more of my work or reach out to me, you can find me on Instagram @Coriander_Designs.

Meet Caroline Kurtz from Cola Prints…
My name is Caroline Kurtz, I am a 23 year old dental hygienist from Toledo, Ohio. I currently live in Maumee, Ohio, in a small fixer upper that my talented boyfriend, Charlie, has fixed up for us!  We'll be spending most of our spring/summer fixing up the outside and adding things to make it our own! We have two dogs, Cola and Gemma. We recently rescued Gemma from our local humane society. Miss Cola is the pup behind my favorite hobby, Cola Prints.

I've been painting ever since I was little; it's always been something I've had fun with and gravitated towards. I got more serious with it once I graduated highschool, making pet portraits for family/friends. Most recently, about 2 months ago now, I've decided to try and make a little business out of it, and it's been so fun so far!
This is my first Avant-Garde Art and Craft show! I cannot wait.

My two dogs inspire me to create! Dogs are so special to me, I can't imagine life without them.  Creating pet portraits is my main seller, and it's so fun creating paintings for people's beloved animals. It's truly such a special gift that people will cherish forever.
Art classes in high school definitely got me into this hobby. We experimented with several different medias, and watercolor was always my favorite. When we had the option to create a project with whatever media we wanted, I always chose watercolor. For one project, I painted a cow from a farm nearby, and it got me far into a local high school art competition! 

I've always loved painting, and I excelled in art classes growing up and in high school. After high school, I gave my go at creating pet portraits and they were coming out so great! So, I rolled with that!

My creative process always starts with a picture of the pet/house, whatever it may be. Most of the time, people will send several of their favorite pictures of their pet, and I go from there. My process is pretty structured as I take so much from the pictures.
In 5 years, I would absolutely love to see my business start to do really well on Etsy. I would love to have some of my art selling in local boutiques. As I do enjoy my full time job as a dental hygienist, I would love to see my business do well enough in order to have Cola Prints be my full time job.

The message behind my work is to enjoy the little things in life, like our homes, and our pets. So much love and happiness comes from the things right in front us.

Meet Heather Rawlings from Queen Bee Blankets…
Hi! My name is Heather Rawlings of Queen Bee Blankets, and when I’m not at my 9-5, you can find me pushing shopping carts of yarn in Ross County, Ohio. Two decades ago I decided to become an insurance agent; two months ago I fell in love with finger crocheting blankets and haven’t stopped since.

When I was 7 or 8, my sister and I learned how to crochet with a hook. The problem was, I lost interest because it took too long to finish a project. Even into my thirties, the blanket I was making always turned into a scarf. Not long after Christmas 2022, a dear friend showed me how to finger crochet with chunky yarn and I finished a blanket quickly. Then I took it apart so I could do it again. I was hooked without the hook and immediately began making blankets for loved ones. When I ran out of family and friends who wanted blankets, I took to selling them.
This will not only be my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show, but my very first craft show ever. To be honest, I’m nervous and excited because I’m not sure what to expect or how many visitors to anticipate. Of course, I’m already fretting about not being able to operate my Square Card Reader. So if you’re reading this, and you purchase a blanket at the show with a card, be kind. Even though I’m smiling, I’m probably having a mental breakdown on the inside. lol

All I need for inspiration is spare time and jumbo yarn, nothing else needed.   
How I got into my hobby… It’s easy for hard times to get you down, and I’m as guilty as the next person. I’m coming off a year and a half of surgeries and treatments for breast cancer, and even though I try, my body isn’t up to doing all the physical stuff I did before. I ended up spending my evenings in my chair either watching TV or staring at my phone, not realizing I was getting more depressed every day. It wasn’t until I started crocheting every night that I realized keeping my mind and hands busy was the best therapy I could have asked for. Now, because of making blankets, I’m happier and feel like I have a purpose again.
How I discovered my talent… Pure accident. What was meant to be an afternoon of fun hanging out with a friend turned into something I’ll do for the rest of my life. I love the constant pulling of the loops and the rhythm you slip into building the rows. It makes me happy.

My creative process is fairly simple. I need a clean and organized work environment, and once I’ve decided on the blanket size and yarn color, I grab my trusty tape measurer and start crocheting. I continually measure throughout the process and gauge my loops as I go. I’ve been known to finish a 6-7 hour project, not like it, and undo it to start over again. Can we say picky?

In five years, I imagine I’ll still be making blankets in the evenings and on weekends to sell online and at craft shows.
The message behind my work… Even though it may be a long, hard journey, go out there and find what makes you happy. It’s worth it. I promise.

My website is and Facebook page is Queen Bee Blankets. I don’t have online sales just yet but you can view a few photos.

Meet Rachel from Boujee Dal…
My name is Rachel and I am the owner of Boujee Dal. I live in Hilliard with my fiancé Max and our two dogs Ruby and Biscuit.

I have been making dog treats for four months now and this will be my first ever craft show!

I’m inspired by my two dogs and wanting to give them healthy, organic treats.
My brother actually came up with the idea to make dog treats and I ran with it. Our company is named after his dalmatian, Izzy.

I discovered my talent the first time I made a treat and Ruby LOVED it!
My creative process involves trial and error in new treat flavors that I think my dogs will enjoy.

In 5 years I hope to be selling my treats full time.

The message behind my work is to provide dogs with healthy, organic, dog treats with no preservatives.

2023 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday March 26, 2023
Makoy Event Center
5462 Center St.
Hilliard, OH 43026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on:
Sunday March 26,