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It's Show Week!

Meet Audrey Foster from Captain Hook's Crochet...
First and foremost, I am a college undergraduate student majoring in zoology at Ohio State University. My major goal is to become a zookeeper after I graduate in August. Other than that, I love reading and writing fantasy novels, watching movies, hiking, and kayaking. 

I have actually been crocheting for about twelve years now, but I have been seriously working on my hobby since June of 2016. I started my Etsy business when I was doing an internship at the Roosevelt Park Zoo in North Dakota. I had a lot of extra time on my hands (I didn't know anybody), and I wanted to express my love of crochet and animals through amigurumi. This inspired me to create my shop.
Animals and wildlife conservation are my main passions. Amigurumi was a way for me to incorporate my love of animals into something solid that create and share with everyone. In my personal life, I am into all things nerdy and geeky. I love anime, and when Pokemon Go came out, it caused me to want to create things like the pokeball bag purse and other various nerdy items in my shop.
My grandmother is actually the one who got me started on crocheting. When I was little, she would always make me socks and blankets, and I so desperately wanted to be like her. She is the one who gave me the set of crochet needles I use today. What's really cool about that is that I even have the crochet needle that her mother used to do all of her projects with.

I guess I discovered my talent by watching my grandmother make projects and trying to cope what she did. A couple of years ago, my cousin started her own Etsy shop, and I wanted to open one for myself. I wanted to feel what it was like to fully own and operate something that was within my creative vision.

I would say my creative process is pretty varying. Many times, I have a pattern to work off of, and other times, I wing it. For example, another cousin of mine wanted me to make her a hat modeled after her dog. So with no pattern, I created that. Then there are times that I simply modify patterns to make things my own, or to fit the needs of my customers.
I hope to see myself continuing my business part time. I also hope to expand it, and I hope to be able to do more craft shows grow my Etsy shop. The message behind my work is really just to have fun live on the wild side. If I can get people excited about wildlife and science through my crochet, then I have done my job.

The first picture is the one I would like used of me, if you would! That was taken at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, and it is my absolute favorite place on Earth. I also included five pictures of my products. If you would like any more, please let me know. I actually have two websites that can be used: www.facebook.com/CaptainHooksCrochet and www.etsy.com/shop/CaptainHooksTreasure

Meet Barbara Curry from Pure Aroma Essentials...
Barbara is a retired Certified Public Account (CPA) who graduated with a 4-yr degree in accounting along with two minors, business administration and management science.  Barb grew up in Ohio but moved to Dallas, TX in 1989 with her husband, Rick and her two sons, Chris & Nick. While in Texas, Barb worked as the Corporate Finance Director for Metro Media International requiring extensive travel throughout Europe & Eastern Asia. She later worked as the Accounting Controller for SCI Roev Corp, Univest Corporation & PCA Management Corporation, respectively. Barb retired from accounting 4 years ago Barb formed Pure Aroma Essentials in 2010.

I was inspired to create due to my strong interest in the healing effects of aroma therapy.I discovered my talent by accident. I got tired of buying candles that smoked up my home and that did not really scent my home. I am also very health conscience and don’t want to burn harmful chemicals in my home. I took some candle making classes and studied the healing properties of aroma therapy so I could make my own healthy candles just for myself (keep in mind, I was working full time as the controller of a large corporation Dallas at the time).
How I got into my hobby.. My friend Carol come to my house one evening while I was burning my candle. She ask me what that amazing smell was and I told her it was my candle. She wanted to know where I got it so she could go get her one. I told her that I made it and she could not believe it. Naturally, she wanted me to make her one…so I did. This kept happening when people come to my home when I was burning my candles and it started happening at my friend’s house also. I started making candles for everyone…this thing had a snow balling effect. Everyone was coming to my house to pick up my highly scented soy candles. I also started getting emails and calls from people who said they got one as a gift and wanted to know how they could get more. It was then that my friend told me I needed to do shows. I enjoyed doing it, it was my passion so why not.
My creative process is taking pure, healthy products (soy wax, natural oils, metal free wicks and beautiful ceramic containers and turning them into not only pure candles that will actually scent your home but leave you with a beautiful ceramic container that you can use after you burn your candle. I also do the pure, healthy wax scent cubes…compare the way ours smell to those others out there. They not only smell superior but last a lot longer as well.

The message behind my work is that a quality hand-poured candle cannot be purchased in a store, it is far superior like an Amish hand-made piece of furniture.

Meet Nancy Jacobs from Cat in My Lap Designs...
I have always been a rock hound and love natural gemstones.  Mother Nature is amazing in what she creates.  Several years ago while attending the local Rock and Mineral show, I purchased a strand of beads, with no idea what I was going to do with it.  After experimenting with stringing, a new addiction was born.  Having a four-footed furry helper, my company name was a natural. 
I started participating in Arts & Craft shows in 2005.  Over the years I’ve taken classes on wirework and metalsmithing, but mostly I’m self-taught.  My design ideas tend to come to me in the middle of the night.  No wonder I’m always tired! J  Over the years I’ve honed my art from simple bead stringing to making my own sterling silver findings and even obtaining a copyright on one of my designs.  I travel to the big February bead shows in Tucson, AZ to handpick my beads, making sure I buy only the best quality available.
I strive to create amazing wearable art by combining color, shape, texture, and size.  My designs appeal to a wide customer base as they can be worn with blue jeans, a business suit, or a dressy night out on the town.  I tend to call my jewelry “working women’s jewelry”, as it is reasonably priced and can be worn so many different ways.

Traveling to five states to participate in shows has been an educational experience.  Visiting many beautiful areas and meeting interesting people is very rewarding.  I will miss this as I wind down my art career over the next few years (I’m getting old!). I hope to continue to do local shows and set up an online shop.

Meet Laurel Cisler from Jasmine's Attic...
I am a full time small animal veterinarian and mom to 4 kitties, Ursula, Dash, Pearl and Max.  Aside from sewing, I'm also a beekeeper, an avid reader, and a newbie vegetable gardener, although no promises on how that's going to go!

I have been crafty since I could hold a glue stick and a piece of macaroni.  I started sewing in high school but didn't keep with it when I went to college and veterinary school but started back up about 5 years ago.  I started Jasmine's Attic in December of 2012.

I am inspired to create by the stress-relieving, cathartic effect it has on me. Am I allowed to say I sew so I don't punch people??
I originally started Jasmine's Attic because I was looking for safe, engaging and, above all, FUN toys for my own cats.  I was finding that so much of what you could find in stores had parts that would come off, weird glues, sub-par catnip and the like.  As a veterinarian, I've seen first hand what can happen if a cat swallows a long string or gets a jingle bell stuck in its intestines.  So I decided to make my own!  My cats LOVED the wool blend felt and super potent catnip pellets that I was using, so I kept creating!  I didn't want to leave out the doggos though, so my mother's dog Mocha became my spokespoodle and model for my bowties and bandanas, which have gone over very well.  Mocha says he feels SUPER fancy while wearing his bowties.
I think I discovered sewing for the first time when I was in high school and I wanted to make a cute pillowcase to take to camp with me.  My mom showed me how to use her sewing machine and away I went.

My creative process is....chaotic.  There is a whole lot of doodling, coffee drinking (and let's be honest, wine drinking), rummaging through fabric, and sitting at my sewing machine with my feet on the table watching Netflix that goes into coming up with ideas!  I definitely have to keep a mental filter going to keep track of what I want to make next!
In 5 years
, I hope to be doing more than just 2 or 3 craft shows a year.  I don't get to sew full time, but I hope to be able to streamline my process a bit and find a way to keep enough inventory around that I can participate in a few more shows a year.

The message behind my work is the love of pets!  It is serendipitous that the recipient of the fundraiser for this Avant-Garde show is a pet rescue, because that's how this all began for me.  Even though I have been moving towards making a lot more handbags, wallets, and other "people stuff" than I used to, I can't imagine that I will ever leave the pet products behind!

My etsy shop website is www.jasminesattic.etsy.com.  

2017 Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, June 11, 2017
Makoy Event Center
5462 Center St.
Hilliard, OH 43026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at Becki@ag-shows.com
Visit us on:

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