Thursday, June 8, 2017

Glitz and Glam Vendors!

Meet Debra Smith Tolley from Mad River Joys...
Mad River Joys is a newly established business by Debra Smith Tolley that is still experiencing many "firsts". The 2017 Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show will be her first Avant-Garde show as a vendor. That show comes only twelve days before Mad River Joys' first anniversary.
Debra grew up along the Mad River in rural Urbana, Ohio, and graduated from Miami University with an architectural design degree. She has always loved nature and design, so she is now combining those loves to bring to many others the joys they give her.

Debra's many items of home décor, jewelry, and photography are handmade by her design. The designs reflect her desire to bring joy to everyone, everyday.
Items include pocket memory keys, fairy gardens, shower curtain dangles, bookmarks, ornaments, ornament hangers, beaded tea lights, wine glass charms, bottle stoppers, beaded napkin rings, purse dangles, sun catchers, decorated glassware, door hangings, fan/light pulls, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, photo coasters, photo mouse mats, and framed photos. The list of products is always growing.

The photos are all taken by Debra, or her husband, Frederick "B'ar" Tolley.
Mad River Joys' products may be purchased anytime online at or on Facebook at Mad River Joys. The Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show is one of several "in person buying opportunities" Mad River Joys offers as listed on its website show calendar or Facebook page events.
Custom orders are welcomed. Some items work wonderfully for wedding décor.
Since most items are handmade to order, delivery may take two to four weeks. If items are in stock, they will be shipped right away.

Debra's inspiration generally comes from a combination of a walk in her large yard, materials on hand, and shared pictures of others creations.

She would love to have a staff producing her designs in the next five years.
Thank you for visiting, and please look to Mad River Joys to be sure to have little joys in your daily life.

Meet Carolyn Scono from Jewelry by Carolyn Scono...
I absolutely love what I create and take pride in the design and quality of each piece that someone will love wearing.  I have been designing and creating jewelry since 2003.  I get pleasure from creating pieces that are distinctive, one of a kind, easy to wear at affordable prices.
Design inspiration comes from the semi-precious gemstones, cultured pearls or glass beads that are introduced in most pieces to craft elegant art jewelry.  My work is handmade, constantly evolving and fresh applying a variety of techniques to create unique designs--such as metalsmithing/soldering, wire-wrapping, and fold-forming; beading; weaving chain maille patterns and Kumihimo. 

Additional information about my work may be found on: Website:, Facebook: Jewelry by Carolyn Scono.

Meet Julie Ross from De Constructed...
I have been creating jewelry for about 5 years. But never sold anything until two years ago!

I am inspired by absolutely everything! Especially people and clothing. Sometimes I become overwhelmed with ideas that I can’t even sort it all out in my brain. Once I get creating, I can go until the wee hours of the morning.
I began scrapbooking years ago and my interests began to evolve into mixed media type projects. Somewhere along the line I began playing around with old jewelry. The endless possibilities intrigued me. I began finding unusual items to incorporate into my jewelry. I love to scour flea markets and yard sales looking for old/broken/discarded jewelry and other rusty and unusual found items. My passion is to bring new life to these unwanted items.
I was shopping in a little boutique in Galena, Ohio, Talula’s. I overheard a conversation about making jewelry. I spoke up and said “that’s what I do” (very unusual of me BTW). The next thing I know I am meeting with the owner and began selling some of my jewelry at her boutique. I owe her so much for giving me the confidence to really “put myself out there” and show the world what I love to do.

My creative process is a HOT mess! I have to have my supplies scattered about in front of me. I have always been a messy creator.

The message behind my work is that everything old can be revitalized and new again!

Meet Joyce Dorn from Jewelry Designs by JoyD...
I have been creating Jewelry for about 10 years, I knew I was meant to do this when I visited the Cultural Arts Center in Downtown Columbus. As soon as I stepped into the Jewelry area – every sensor in me was pinging inside me and I knew I found a place I could express myself. With this I have also taken other classes from local Bead stores and Workshops in and out of Ohio to learn more and get better at my craft of metalsmithing.
I have participated in six shows with Avant Garde. I am thrilled to be part of this event and have learned quite a bit about selling my pieces and interacting and helping customers. I like that I see the returning customers at the shows. Greeting new people and helping them make their jewelry choices. It helps me improve my design choices and see what customers are looking for. I have altered pieces to so they have the best fit for them. So I guess you could say my customers inspire me to create and continue to learn.
My creative process is based on what I have learned and I pour over magazines and pictures even the coloring books looking at drawings or that “spark”. I don’t copy I create my version. I have jewelry mentors – people that inspire me with their styles – I don’t copy them but they create my desire to do better!
In five years – I hope I can say I have a customer base that I can cater to and hope that I can attend more workshops to continue learning. I like the rustic in my designs – I like working with the copper and silver metal and wire components.

If there is a message to be learned – I would say it would be to continue to learn and find new methods of creating. Be true to yourself – and your craft.

2017 Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, June 11, 2017
Makoy Event Center
5462 Center St.
Hilliard, OH 43026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on:

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