Friday, June 8, 2018

See You This Sunday!

Meet Candy Rose-Lucas from Candy Lucas . . . 
I have been a Massage Therapist for 21 years and a Reiki Master Teacher for 16 years. I taught in a massage school for over 14 years and I give private Reiki workshops and teach classes in an Energy school in Columbus.  I became interested in stones and crystals and started to take classes about the subject. I found that stones have their own energy which can help to bring harmony to the body.  I also learned about Chakra stones which are laid on the body that can help with a person’s healing process. Working with stones is what awakened my interest in jewelry making.
I never thought of myself as being a crafty person until several years ago, a friend of mine, asked me to take a few craft classes with her and I found out that I enjoyed them and started taking additional classes as well. I have always enjoyed jewelry and with my interest in energy work with the use of stones, I decided to try the two together and found out how much I enjoyed making jewelry with different stones such as agates or jaspers.  Each time I produce a piece of jewelry, I use Reiki. I clear the jewelry and infuse each piece with Reiki.

I have been making jewelry for 2 -½ years.  It’s exciting to see how creative one can be making jewelry. A few pieces of jewelry that I have created have been from what people requested.  For an example, if they want stones to help with focus or help with stress, I research which stones assist with that and make a piece of jewelry consisting of those stones.

Since I am new at making jewelry, I believe the sky is the limit.  I wanted something in retirement that is fulfilling and creative and I have found it.  I want to strive to get better and create a prosperous business. Jewelry is not only beautiful to wear but also brings positive energy and harmony to the wearer.

Meet Brittany Smith from The Little Lark Co. . . . 
I am a part-time crafter and work full-time as an environmental inspector. I am fortunate to be able to work outdoors during the week and spend my weekends creating bath products and designing jewelry. I also love to knit, read, camp and travel. This winter, my husband and I will be traveling to Iceland, and we're very much looking forward to seeing the Northern lights! 

I began making my own lip balm in 2015 and realized I had created a pretty high-quality product! I decided to start selling on Etsy in 2016. From there, I began experimenting with bath products such as soaps and sugar scrubs. Since I craft part-time, I really use it as a relaxing hobby. It's something I can do to unwind and take a break form work. I enjoy crafting products with high quality ingredients, knowing that someone will enjoy my products as much as I do. 

When I'm designing my jewelry, it involves a lot of playing around with different patterns, beads, and colors. In my free time, I'll sketch ideas of what I would like to piece to look like. With my bath products, I thin about what kind of products I would like to use myself or how to make my current products better. I'll whip up some test batches for myself, friends, and family to try and use their feedback to help myself improve. 

I'm a practical person, and I love the idea of products that are fashionable as well as being functional. I appreciate that the jewelry I am making serves a purpose and can help alleviate pain for those who wear it. 

I would like to explain what magnetic therapy is and how individuals can benefit from it. Magnetic therapy is based on the concept of using magnetic energy to increase oxygen absorption and blood flow. It is safe and natural alternative therapy that has been used throughout history to help promote healing and ease pain. For some people, the results of wearing magnetic therapy jewelry can be very fast. However, others may find it takes a little longer to notice improvements. Results can vary from person to person, so it is important to wear your jewelry as much as possible! 

2018 Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, June 10, 2018
Makoy Event Center
5462 Center St.
Columbus, OH 43026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Columbus, Are You Ready?!

Meet Sara Berens from Sara Berens Studio - La Fleur de Papier...
I am an artist and educator living in beautiful Athens, Ohio with my husband and two spoiled cats. I've been a maker since childhood but honed my skills while earning my degrees in fine arts.  
I am inspired by repurposing items, so when it came time to plan our wedding, instead of using fresh flowers, I decided to make my own from various found elements. I got to work using a stack of handmade paper that I had pulled in a class, a mountain of vintage buttons that had been waiting for me to use them, a stage of twigs that I collected from a local source, and other baubles. They fit our book theme perfectly and I loved them so much that I decided to continue to create these lovely ladies.
Over the past few years, they have continued to be perfected and are the perfect forever flower that can be given as gifts for Mother's Day, birthdays, teacher's gifts, special occasions, or just to brighten your day. 
This is my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show, but I have sold my flowers at several shops here in Athens, as well as at craft shows in the region. I am excited to join the Columbus show and am looking forward to meeting everyone! 

Meet Brittany Freeman from Pretzel Palooza...
I am a mother of two, dog mom, and wife to an awesome drummer. My "9-5" is managing a State Farm Insurance Agency. My family is also very involved at our church, and I love serving the Lord through small group ministry as well as Kids Ministry.
After I had my daughter in 2012, I started planning her birthday parties. Creating sweet treats for her parties that were always a big hit lead me to exploring different treat capabilities wit pretzels, cake pops, and chocolate candies. My creative process is trial and error. A lot time what is in our head doesn't always come out the way we want it to the first time. Before creating an order for a customer, I will gather all their desires and then make an individual item or small batch for them to try/approve. There are so many possibilities with colors, textures, sprinkles, and embellishments that I can do, and I like to make sure that they meet the customers' needs down to every last sprinkle! 
I LOVE to create a special treat customized for each individual. I love being able to take what they have in mind and turning it into reality. In five years, I would love to have the ability to provide treats and embellishments, custom printing tags for gift bags as well as possibly adding a few new products to what I offer.

Meet Carolyn Shisler from Jewelry by Carolyn...
Jewerly by Carolyn is hand created art jewelry - woven braided, fold-formed, forged, soldered or beaded. Each piece is creating with high quality stones, pearls and crystals in sterling silver, pure copper or Vintaj brass metals. 
Inspiration comes form my fascination to create unique designs with the stone itself melded with the metals to reveal an extraordinary focal piece that is easy to wear and affordable. 

Jewelry on display will be my popular wire-wrap and one of a kind gemstone cabochon pendant necklaces; chain mail with interlinked hand woven metal rings and fold-formed copper - all with semi-precious gemstones, crystals and pearls in bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.
Jewelry features decorative elements (clasps, connectors and charms) that add dimension to my styling. Common design elements in my work are the quality of craftsmanship and the exclusive materials acquired at the Tucson Gem shows each year.

My jewelry is constantly evolving and fresh. She takes continuing silversmith classes in Oro Valley, AZ; learns new techniques from artists at the Tucson Gem show and at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center.
I participate in local Columbus juried art and craft shows, sell my jewelry in several central Ohio art galleries and shops, create custom order jewelry, and teaches private jewelry making classes in chain mail weaving and metal wire wrapping. 

2018 Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, June 10, 2018
Makoy Event Center
5462 Center St.
Columbus, OH 43026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

One More Columbus Preview!

Meet Michelle from Riverland Studios...
Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I have always been around the area and worked with art. I serve as a graphic artist by day, and can be found in my home studio working with clay or sewing most evenings and weekends. I live with my very supportive and creative husband, and a mischievous little cat who often finds herself covered in clay. I've been working as an artist/maker for much of my adult life. I learned to sew as a young child, and that started me down this path. I'm somewhat new to ceramics – working with clay for only two years.
This is my fourth Avant-Garde show – and this is my first time bringing ceramics! I love working with my hands. I've explored different kinds of art and media, but find myself most drawn to clay. I love the functionality – a little piece of art for everyday use – and how you can often see the maker's hands in the work. My grandfather gave me a clay pot from his childhood grocery store that is at least 100 years old and I can see and feel the maker's finger marks inside. I'm inspired by the hands of that maker.

I come from a pretty crafty/handy family. My mom was always sewing things or decorating cakes when I was little, and my grandfather and dad were always building something out of wood. I learned so much from them, and can't keep my hands off of art supplies and materials of any kind. I signed up for a ceramics class a couple years ago with a friend, just for fun. I had always been curious about clay, but never tried it. Once I started handling clay, I couldn't put it down. I have worked hard to learn as much as I could in a short period of time, and just can't get enough! I took multiple classes each week for a while until I bought my own wheel and started working at home. I still attend that class weekly.
I like to let the natural beauty of the clay shine through my work and speak for itself, and I'm most drawn to things that feel good in the hand and function in a very practical way. So, I start from thinking about how the form would feel to hold or drink/serve from, then consider the natural color of the clay and how I can add to that. I still have plenty to learn about clay, the process, and science of ceramics. I hope to continue to explore new things and push myself to learn and grow as much as I can.

My message to my customer is that my work is meant to be used and handled in everyday life. Even the practical things can be beautiful and hand-crafted!

Meet Jeni and Julia from Columbus Flower Girls...
We are Jeni and Julia! We are best friends and neighbors who love to craft. We have been making flowers for about six months now. This will be our first craft show, and we are so excited to be participating! We love taking something as simple as a sheet of paper and creating something beautiful. We both have always liked to make things and work with our hands, so our passion evolved from that. 

We discovered our talent when we made them for a birthday party and they looked amazing! Everyone who saw the flowers wanted them! This is when we realized there was a market for paper flowers.
We do custom orders so our process begins with speaking to our client to get a sense of their style and colors in their space. Next, we present them with a "vision board" that lays out the colors and patterns we have selected. From there flowers are made! In five years, we hope Columbus Flower Girls becomes a brand that is associated with the best of the best! We want you to think of Columbus Flower Girls for not only your home and business decor, but we also want to make a name for ourselves in special events with flower walls, back drops, centerpieces and more!
We love seeing peoples faces light up when they see them. We have had the privilege of doing many inspiring orders for foster children, new babies and new businesses. We love being a part of such an important moment in peoples lives. We want to spread joy and beauty through our flowers!

Meet Nicholas Regan from No Rulz...
No Rulz is a fully integrated business of artists with various abilities and strengths. Through our love of colors and art, we create fashionable and wearable tie dye clothing, accessories, and new and “upcycled” furniture. All our items are unique, hand-dyed and/or hand-painted. No two exactly alike!

We have been tie dying since 2007, and this is our second Avant-Garde Show. Our love of colors and the freedom of tie dying keeps us going. It is always fun to see what the final products look like. 
No Rulz started as an art class for adults with and without special needs. We did a little of everything from painting to pottery. We tie dyed that first summer and a passerby asked if our socks were for sale – and so began No Rulz. Every person has talents and gifts to share and when you surround yourself with people who believe in you, it gives you confidence to explore and create. We love tie dye cause you can’t make a mistake!! Our products like us are perfectly imperfect.

Everyone has a voice at No Rulz. There are no bad ideas except for the ones you don’t share. We try multiple ways of tie dying and adapt our processes to create top of line and one-of-a-kind products. 
Our goal in 5 years is to have our own space for production with a store front and cafĂ©. We want to offer employment opportunities, continue to create quality products, be able to sell our own art, and offer opportunities to work in the restaurant business. We want to create a space where our customers can come and enjoy a cup of coffee and light lunch, shop, watch how it’s done and enjoy our space with us!

 No Rulz is a business founded on the principle that we are all capable and have abilities and strengths. We believe in adapting the job to the individual and not the other way around. We are dedicated to building awareness, acceptance, and independence for all our artists.

Meet Melissa Winters from PurpleArtLoVE...
My name is Melissa Winters. I live in Granville, Ohio with my husband and two children. We have two Cavalier Spaniels and a tortoise named Ruby. I have lived in Licking County most of my life. The only time I left was to go to school at Otterbein College. I have been a “maker” my whole life but PurpleArtLoVE came to life in 2007. I wanted to make unique items that really could not be found elsewhere. My shop name is a nod to PRINCE.
This will be my first Avant-Garde show. I hope to make this the first of many! Inspiration comes from all over for me. I do find myself being inspired by music and other artists. Also I think “makers” can’t help themselves. They are going to do something with their hands. It could be cooking, writing, music, art. It just comes out!

I began to collect quite a collection of jewelry. I gave it as gifts, kept some and I just kept making. I realized I had better share with others! Jewelry makes you feel fantastic and fits no matter what kind of day you are having. It is truly for everyone. 
Calling yourself an “artist” is sometimes hard. You want to be worthy of the name. I try to improve daily. Things come to me out of the blue. The idea might hit me in the shower, in a dream or just trying to think through an idea. I am a “try it” type person. My process is also affected by the fact I want to wear unique items. I want people to say “I have never seen that before”. I don’t want everyone to be cookie cutter.

I hope that PurpleArtLoVE will become familiar in Central Ohio and beyond. I would like to have a following of people who want to be uniquely themselves. I also hope to begin an Art Collective in Downtown Newark. It is an area that is re-building itself into quite an art area. 

My message to people is to be yourself, no one else does it better!

Meet Sharlene Robertson from Sharlene Robertson Designs...
I started making jewelry when I was 14 years old. I specifically started making chainmail jewelry and working with metals when I was 19. It captured my interest and I started making so much jewelry that I didn't know what to do with it! In October 2016 I opened my Etsy store to start selling some of pieces and I started doing art shows a little while after that. This will be the first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows that I will be participating in.

With a background in Fashion Design, I strive to make pieces that are unique, bold and fashion forward. I love combining unexpected materials together to see how they accentuate the human form. Architectural shapes and textures have always been an inspiration to me but I am always on the hunt for new ideas. Lately, I've taken an interest in using crystals along with leather and chains to create unique body chains that help elevate your everyday look.
Creating jewellery has always been a passion of mine. I started at a young age by playing around with beads, making jewellery for my Barbies and over time it blossomed into something more. I find jewelry making very calming and being a fidgety person, I like to throw on a movie and make jewelry while I'm watching it. I discovered my talent when I started receiving compliments from people on my jewelry. I saw their amazement when I told them that I made the jewelry myself and it made me think that maybe there's something here to explore further. Then I started selling my jewelry and got really good feedback from people who bought pieces so I've tried to grow my business even more.
Most of my creative process happens in my head. I tend to visualize how I want a design to look after I see what materials I'm going to be working with. Designs come to me pretty easily which I'm grateful for. I do sometimes go back and re-work my designs if I think they can be improved in some way. I like to drape chains on my form to start the creative process and then I see where it leads me. Sometimes I'm able to finish multiple body chains in one night but other pieces take more time especially when they involve chainmail of any kind.

I hope to have my own website by the end of this year and hope to grow my own business and client base to a level where I only need to work on jewelry in 5 years. I would love to expand my business so I can work with precious metals and precious gemstones.I want everyone who wears my pieces to feel special and feel like they stand out. I want it to elevate their outfits and be something they can have fun with! Accessorizing is a fun way to express yourself and that's what I want people to be able to do! 

2018 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, March 3, 2018
Makoy Event Center
5462 Center St.
Columbus, OH 43026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fellow Buckeyes, Get Ready for the Avant-Garde Show this Weekend!

Meet Carrie Love from Carrie Love Designs...
Hi, my name is Carrie Love. I am a southern belle at heart. I grew up in the great state of Georgia.  I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia.  I am married to my awesome husband of 16 years and have 3 wonderful kids. I grew up drawing, coloring, and gluing things together. I've always been artsy and crafty for as long as I can remember. 
This is my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show. see inspiration all around me. I love to see how color and shape play off each other. My earliest memory of crafts was with my grandmother, she was such a big role model in my life. Drawing is in my blood, I come from a long line of artists. I got to see creativity in action and just had to try it for myself. I have explored many mediums, but my favorite medium to work with is mixed media paper.
I love the creative process; It is so much fun! It is much like being a detective. I sketch ideas, and I often carry a sketch book with me so I can sketch my thoughts or ideas. I like to draw ideas from different view points or play with a variety of colors combinations. I cut paper and recut until I like what I see. Even if I don't like what I see, I save it for later to use in another project. I go through many rough drafts! I believe that is how I gain new ideas for future adventures.

In five years, I see myself being in more art and craft shows. I would love to have more of an online presence such as Etsy and social media. One of my goals is to write articles for art and craft magazines. 

The message behind my work is that everything I do is to the glory of God.  Also, that we are God's workmanship, loving each other, and loving the life that he has given to each one of us.

Meet Melinda Wagner from LindySue Sews...
I’ve been sewing since I was little. It is a skill I learned from my mom, who learned from hers. As a teenager, it was just fun – pajama pants, tying quilts, I think I attempted a skirt once. But I didn’t know then that sewing would become a huge passion in my life. It acts as my form of therapy. It helps me retain my sense of self as I make motherhood my main priority. And ultimately, it has become my business.

When my daughter was born in 2013, I gave up my job in journalism to stay home with her. That’s when I started my Etsy shop, selling handmade purses and wristlets. As my friends’ families grew, I made each new baby a quilt and realized how much I truly loved it. I practically bounced all the way to the fabric store ready for the challenge to find the perfect fabrics. When they thanked me for the gift, I would thank them for having a baby so I’d have an excuse to make a quilt. I had quickly gotten tired of making purses, but realized I would never get bored creating quilts. And every baby deserves something handmade! Enter some rebranding for my Etsy shop and my new tagline “handmade, heartmade.” I put my heart into everything I make with a giddy excitement to see it all come together.
Since offering custom quilts online, my shop has grown to include crib sheets, burp rags, bandana bibs, and more. My family also has grown. I now stay home with three little ones, ages four, three and one. (Remember how I said sewing was therapy?) In late summer 2017, I decided to get brave and do something I always said I would do – craft shows.

I love craft shows, and I’ve always sought them out as a shopper. I feared I wouldn’t be able to make enough inventory to ever fill my own booth, but I made it a priority to sew every day. Nap time is sew time at my house, and I’ve amazed myself at how much I can make in two hours. I also have an amazing and super supportive husband who allows me lots of time in my home studio. I even created my own pinafore pattern in two different sizes, and it has become my best seller at shows.
I am certainly new to the craft show circuit. I’ve only done a Christmas show in Dayton and Art on Vine at Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati, but I’ve made it my 2018 goal to do one show each month and I’m already surpassing that. It’s a bit scary putting my work (and essentially my heart) on display for the world to see and spend their hard-earned money on, but I love talking to people about their families and creating one-of- a-kind items for their children. This is my first show with Avant-Garde, and I am excited to see what’s in store!

Meet Rhonda Robinson from BellaValora Jewelry Design...
I am a Registered Nurse who turned in her scrubs to pursue the life of metalsmithing. I love to read, bike, hike, go to the Farmer's Market, and most of all - spend time in my studio working on new creations! I have been creating for about three years, and this will be my very first Avant-Garde Show! 
Ideas just pop into my head from who knows where. However, I am inspired to create sterling silver pieces which make the metal the main focus. I love to use texture and patina in my pieces and enjoy seeing the transformation of a simple piece of silver sheet becoming a beautiful piece of jewelry. I've always wanted to be an artist and I have taken continuing education classes in various mediums for my whole life. While taking a stained glass class a few years ago, I saw a pamphlet for a two-year, full time, professional crafts program in metal smithing. It was scary to leave my job in nursing but I made the leap and started the program. I am so glad I did!

I had actually taken a couple of week long classes in metal smithing and enameling that the John C. Campbell Folk Art School prior to joining the professional crafts program years later. The folk art school is a craft school which is like summer camp for adults! I enjoyed the classes and experience there but never dreamed of where it would eventually lead me. 
I would describe my creative process as...random! An idea comes to me and then I sketch it into my sketchbook that I always carry on me. I plan out my process from start to finish - and then, I make it happen! If the project is particularly complex and I have never done it before, I will sometimes make a prototype out of copper first.

In the next five years, I would like to be doing more shows and have a thriving online business. Most of all, I just want to keep continuing to improve in my craft. Five years from now, I want to be at least five times more knowledgeable than I am now! I want to continue to push myself by learning more and more techniques and trying things that I have never done before.

I just want people to feel that the jewelry they purchase from me expresses their own unique personalities. I know how personal jewelry is to people and I want people to feel that the pieces they buy have something to say about themselves. 

Meet Marianne O’Neil from Soul Sidekick Studio...
Kathy Klein and Marianne O’Neil have been best friends for years and started their business together about 5 years ago. Kathy Klein has always been an avid treasurer hunter and has been collecting rocks, beads and precious stones since her early twenties. Kathy’s interest in crystals took her to Arizona to study with a local teacher knowledgeable in the healing properties of crystals. Once she returned home and filling up her entire dining room with cabinets brimming with every conceivable rock, stone, chain and charm, she started making jewelry for people and passing on what she knew concerning the healing properties to friends and family.
Marianne O’Neil-Cook has been creating art since she was a child. Marianne is an artist with a deep love for designing one-of-a-kind works of art. Her body of work includes painting, drawings, metal, wood and paper sculptures. Since teaming with Kathy, Marianne contributes to the jewelry making by offering a small collection of hand painted pendants. Kathy and Marianne believe that a person is drawn towards a particular stone they currently need for support or balance within the physical and metaphysical realms. Their crystal jewelry is meant to serve two purposes.
This is our first Avant-Grade show. We are looking forward to participating in a show that celebrates the innovative, unconventional and modern works of creatives! I know we are not just going as an artist but as a shopper, and that’s exciting! Being in nature and surrounding ourselves with positivity always refreshes and restores our creative spirit. Owning a storefront Retail Store/Gallery/Studio (and I would like to add community) that we can invite other artists across a variety of media to work and share their work with the community we create together. We are exploring locations throughout Ohio. 

We both have a strong faith and belief that God lives in every atom of everything. Since everything is made up of atoms we believe with faith in God as our ultimate creator we are just adding our good intentions to share our gifts. Each stone Kathy selects for our jewelry or each image Marianne creates in her artwork is done so with the intention of sharing the healing energies it radiates. 

2018 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, March 3, 2018
Makoy Event Center
5462 Center St.
Columbus, OH 43026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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