Friday, August 26, 2016

Columbus Fall Show Vendor Preview!

Meet Kristi Eodice from Starfish Flags...
Hello Everyone! My name is Kristi Eodice and I was born a misplaced beach girl. I grew up in central Ohio and make my home on the far east side along with my husband Gary, my son Christian, and my two cats Libby and Daisy.

Although I have always enjoyed our DIY projects around the house, my crafting actually began just a few months ago and seemed to be born of necessity. I had a huge vacant wall in my family room and a very limited budget. I knew I wanted a large statement piece that reflected my love for the shore, but just wasn’t clear on how to achieve it. After mulling over many possibilities, my creative process kicked in with the end result being my very first STARFISH FLAG. The weathered picket fencing brought the distressed look I love and the starfish added just a touch of whimsy and fun!
Since that first flag I have been very busy creating many more along with other beach inspired pieces and I am full of ideas for the future. My creative process seems to be very unpredictable,  so it is not uncommon to find me covered in sawdust and paint at 2 or 3 in the morning just crafting away in my workspace.  I have found something that I truly enjoy doing and I love every part of the creative process, so none of it seems like work, just a pleasure. My work reflects my love for the beach and all things coastal and the message in it is a simple one:  Surround yourself with what brings you joy and take a moment each day to enjoy it. It is my hope that my pieces will bring a smile to your face and evoke happy memories of lazy days by the water.
I am hopeful that my very small business will bring modest success. As my husband and I approach our retirement, we would love to have a business that allows us to travel and meet new people as well as affording us some extra income. Ultimately, it is our dream to settle down south with our toes in the sand and a STARFISH FLAG gracing our mantle- as well as the mantles of all our new friends, neighbors and the entire town!

I excitedly  look forward to meeting everyone at my first show in September.

Meet Heidi Lyons from Heidi's Paper Creations...

Hi, I’m Heidi of Heidi’s Paper Creations.  I’m a homeschool mother of 3 children, 1 Lovebird and grandmother of 3.  I have been doing all kinds of crafts since I was a little girl.  I enjoy painting, drawing, quilting and gardening.
In 2010 a friend invited me to a Stampin’ Up party where they sell paper crafting supplies and I became hooked on card making.  Several years ago I was asked by our church to make a picture album for a couple that was moving out of state.  I came across handmade mini photo albums on the internet and fell in love.  After my 2 daughters moved out I turned one of their bedrooms into a craft room dedicated to my crafts.
For my albums, I start with chipboard and quality scrapbook paper collections to craft each one of my unique, interactive albums to hold precious memories.
I enjoy working with the beautiful papers and also making each album and card unique.  I hope you get as much enjoyment looking at my paper crafts as I do in making them.
Meet Jenn Bonito from Jennuinely Cool...
I've been doing ceramics consistently for five years but first got exposed to the pottery wheel in high school and really enjoyed it. It was great to find a studio in Columbus ( where I could take classes and do my work. I started making my ¢oink! piggy banks in 2012 after I saw something similar and decided I'd like to try making my own version. Mine are each different, numbered and named, each with a different personality. I've made close to 100 of them now! My next favorite thing to make is various types of bowls because there are so many uses and possibilities–from batter bowls to small ingredient/ring bowls. 
My inspiration.. Seeing what other people do is certainly an inspiration. I also like to make things that satisfy a need and even help people express themselves, for example with color. I find throwing very therapeutic too, so I am driven to the wheel to relieve stress. It's also extremely satisfying to make things you can use on a daily basis, or delight others with as a gift.
How I got into my craft.. I was pretty good with the wheel in high school and learning more tips and tricks in classes has helped me to improve over the years. With the wheel, consistency and patience are key. You can't force the clay and you have to learn when speed is required and when moving slowly is a must.

My creative process.. I usually decide the type of thing I'd like to make (pig, bowl, etc.) before I start throwing (or the clay sometimes tells me what it wants to be), then I alter many pieces off the wheel, which is where they become more unique: pigs get features, bowls might become cat-shaped or get a handle and spout. Deciding on a glaze can be difficult, particularly if the piece isn't a keeper: what will someone else like, how will the glaze turn out this time, do you mix colors, etc. Before first firing, I try to sign every piece with initials and the year.
My five year goal.. I'd like to keep going as I do now, perhaps making more pieces a year and trying new things. There are so many ways my ¢oinks could evolve and I always like to try new projects, so one never knows when I'll be enamored with making something new. 

The message behind my work is that I really just like to have fun and make my art feel expressive and useful. With the banks, I'm trying to make saving more fun for kids and give adults with a cute place to store spare change.
2016 Columbus Fall Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, September 27, 2016 - 10:00am-4:00pm
St. Agatha's Parish Hall
1860 Northam Rd
Columbus, OH 43221
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Friday, June 10, 2016

Meet Courtney Talbott from Pink Sprinkles Plush...
My name is Courtney Talbott and I'm a mom and wife living if rural central Ohio.  I love all things odd and unique, I'm particularly fond of bugs, anything Halloween/horror and of course monsters of all sorts. I started Pink Sprinkles Plush in 2008 as a hobby.  
What inspires me... At a very young age my paternal Grandma started me on crafts and I haven't stopped since.  I love making things with my own two hands. I've always loved stuffed animals, especially unusual or overly cute plush.  I had the idea for monsters with long arms and legs and sticky pad fasteners.  With the help of my Aunt, I learned to use my sewing machine which had been gathering dust for years and Pink Sprinkles Monsters were born.

How I discovered my talent... It was more practice than anything.  The first monsters did not look anything like what I make now.  It was all trial and error and a lot of patience. When it comes to my creative process, I let the fabrics inspire which monster/plush I'll create next. I cut them all in small batches, hand paint their eyes and hand embroider their faces.  

The message behind my work... Be unique, be creative, have fun, stuffed animals are for all ages.  If they make you smile, I've done my job.

Meet Shelley Harding and Courtney Harding from Serving with Style...
The name of our business is : Serving with Style - the owners are: Shelley Harding & Courtney Harding - mother and daughter, Sharlene Neumann- Courtney's soon to be mother in law. We are from Mansfield/Galion Ohio. We love just having fun creating our beaded silverware and hanging out together.
Our favorite part about what we do is we love the silverware when it is done, it is both beautiful and useful.  Everywhere we take them people fall in love with them We got started in the business because we have always enjoyed going to craft shows! After buying some sets of beaded silverware we decided we could do this ourselves! One day, we just sat down and tried it, and decided we were having a ball being together and creating!
What is unique about our business is that each piece is individual, we just start putting pieces together and when it looks right we go with it.!

The message behind our work is simply that we hope that people will enjoy them as we do. Our pieces make wonderful, holiday, wedding, hostess and "just because" gifts.

Meet Abby Dicken from Never Ends..
My name is Abby, I'm 16 years old, and I'm from Columbus, Ohio! I am half-Japanese and American. I have been playing piano for 8 years, and have been in choir for 5 years(through middle school and high school). I have gone to Japan 7 times and will be going for my 8th time next year! I have been drawing since I was very little, but I have been doing stippling/dotwork since March of last year.

Something interesting about my work/myself... I want to become a tattoo artist when I'm older, so I sort of challenge myself to try and do "tattoo designs" of my own. Whenever I want to draw something, I always include stippling/dotwork, which sometimes can be a bit challenging, but I like a bit of a challenge. How I discovered my talent.. When I got into dotwork, it was when I started liking a band called Bring Me the Horizon. The frontman's wife, Hannah Sykes, is a tattoo artist that does dotwork, like what I've been doing. I looked through her account on Instagram which was (and still is) filled with her artwork and tattoos, and I became inspired to do dot work.

My creative process... Before I draw something, I think about what I want to draw and how I want to start it off, either freehand or with a pencil. Next, I look up pictures for reference. Then, I start stippling/drawing a certain part of the drawing, and keep on creating whatever comes to mind. Then, (if I used a pencil), I start tracing the marks with an inked pen. After that, I start stippling the parts that I want to stipple in. Lastly, I erase all of the pencil marks and look through every detail of my artwork. If there's something missing, like a line or a part where I didn't stipple enough, I'll add it in. Then I'll look through it again and when everything seems "perfect," I'll call it a finished piece.

My five year goal... Hopefully, I will be able to see myself happily working in my dream career with the people that support me with what I do. The message differs within my artwork. Some might tell a story, others are there to simply show what I want to show!

Meet Michelle Hirsch from Michelle's Glass Work...
Hi, I’m Michelle Hirsch, a Wife,  Mother of two young adults, teacher, and small business owner! I am a Family Consumer Science Teacher (Home Ec.) for over 30 years.  I have always enjoyed creating:  from redesigning wedding gowns, cooking and my Kiln work .  
How I got into my craft.. My Mother and her Aunt were very crafty so I think my love for being around this ladies soaked into my being.

My kiln work as evolved over the years from recycle/reuse wine bottles into glass fusing made into custom coaster/platters along with jewelry. I love colors and trying new things!

Meet Tami Bevins from Untapped Love...

We are 2 sisters (one living in Ohio, one living in Peru) who wanted to be able to help marginalized people (specifically women) around the world. Our goal is to create an outlet for these women to not only show the world their artistic talents, but also create job opportunities.

We have been doing this now for approximately one year but in different capacities ranging from research, "on the ground" creation of new concepts, designs and ideas, to building partnerships with rural communities. This started with one of the sisters constant love of travel and also working to support fair trade practices and wanting to do more to help these communities in need. 
What inspires us to create, is the women we work with and the families they support, the unique and creative talents they hold, and the constant drive to help others achieve their dreams. Also...we love worldly fashions so this is FUN for us!

Our talents perfectly balance each other out as partners. Being sisters, we both know what we can bring to the table. Our creative process is a mix of traveling and seeing first hand what talents the women in these communities offer and then collaborating with them on styles and products that work in the North American Market. 
In 5 years, our goal is to be able to expand the amount of shows we do and provide more job opportunity to more communities as well as help create a sustainable work environment for them. For example, we would eventually love to be able to build a shop for them to make their products vs. them having to make them in their home. We would also like to be able to purchase better equipment for them to make the products.

The message behind our work is love and passion for who we work with, what we sell, and what we are doing to contribute to the world. We also want to bring awareness to people that by buying fair trade, hand-made goods, you can have quality, beautiful items that are also helping a greater cause. 

2016 Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, June 11, 2016
St. Agatha's Parish Hall
1860 Northam Rd
Columbus, OH 43221
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ready to Get Crafty?

Meet Suzanne Reis from Designs By Suzanne...
I am a third generation designer/artist/seamstress of Swedish descent. I first started designing and sewing at the age of 4, the year after Dad's going to Heaven, creating handmade wardrobes for each of my dolls. At 6 years of age, my Mom taught me to sew on the sewing machine. I grew up watching my Mom and Grandmother design and sew for family and their clientele, many of whom were handicapped, for my Mom was a seamstress/designer by trade. She taught me design, an eye for color and its hues, painting, the lost arts of tatting, hairpin lace, smocking, also working with silk, fur, lingerie fabrics, designing without patterns, viewing something in a store and returning home to create a replica.  I was quite zealous in wanting to learn all she knew. I am very blessed to have had my Mom and for her to teach me her skills for 16 years when she passed to Heaven.   
My creative process begins with the fabric itself. The talents God has given are instant upon viewing a fabric and I am able to visualize exactly what the design will be there in the store.  I am drawn to the many different hues of color and their vibrancy. A scene within the fabric will inspire a design, whether it be birds, sea and sky, dogs and cats, etc. Once at home with the fabric, I just start designing and sewing as it comes to me easily. Although I rarely use patterns, the elements of design require measurement and drawing for precise detail. The foundation of any design must be structured to create a lasting beauty and to be pleasing to the eye upon its completion.
My goal is to have a great presence online to supplement my retirement income. In addition, I wish to market my designs at resort gift shops, fashion shows for weddings, and perhaps collaborate my designs with other entrepreneurs and investors.I strongly believe that one can do anything they set their minds to do with diligence and tenacity no matter what people say, be it for or against.  One must believe in oneself.  This was instilled within me at an early age listening and desiring to learn all I could from Mom, who was my mentor and teacher.  In conversations with my customers, I relay the story of my Mom and the heritage she passed on to me and that my talents are God-given.       

Meet Kaitlin and Emily Holt from The Hank Company…
My name is Kaitlin Holt, and along with my sister, Emily Holt, we make natural gemstone bracelets that serve a bigger purpose. I am 21 years old and attend OSU where I am majoring in communications with a minor in business management. Emily recently turned 15, and is finishing her freshman year of high school. We have both always loved making bracelets with beads since we were young, and we carried this love with us as we grew. We have upgraded to natural gemstone beads, but the passion and love to create is the same as when we were children.
Last year, I rescued a kitten from an animal shelter, who I named Hank, and I quickly fell in love with him. He is the reason our company is named The Hank Company. Rescuing Hank made me very interested in helping shelters and the animals they rescue, and our business was born.  With every bracelet that is sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Humane Society of the United States. We are a younger company; we have been officially in business since January, but we are very excited to grow and learn with our company. 
This is our first craft show ever. and we are counting down the days! In five years, we would both love to see the business grow. But mainly, we would love to help many animals find forever homes. We are excited to see where the business takes us. Feel free to check us out at our website: Or at our etsy shop: A portion of all proceeds are donated to giving animals a better life!

Meet Marlene Wortman from The Cake Florist...
Greetings, my name is Marlene Wortman. I am retired but not tired. I have a hobby - creating sugar flowers made from gum paste & fondant. You can bake an ordinary cake or cupcakes from a box of cake mix & make it extra ordinary with my ready-to-stick sugar flowers for decoration. They will transform it into a special & beautiful treat.
Ever since I was a little girl, I've always hung around the kitchen with my mother. And with 8 other siblings, you co call it a 24/7 diner. I love trying new recipes, garnishing and presenting them very beautifully. I've always had a niche for making food attractive and appetizing. I also love and enjoy interior decorating and gardening. I have a small perennial garden and a sunroom with ornamental plants and some orchids. This is the ideal retirement for me.
This is my first time to join an art & craft show. I learned about Avant-Garde through the newspaper. If this turns out to be a success, I could turn it into a small business venture. Lastly, if you don't have any spare time to decorate your cake or cupcakes-I have the solution!

Meet Mary Mascazine from Marbled Bits...
Hello! I am Mary Mascazine and am the artist behind "Marbled Bits". This is the Ancient Art of Paper Marbling consisting of dropping acrylic paint on carrageenan, which is made from seaweed. After making a design, one that has been passed down through the centuries, paper treated with alum is slowly lowered on the tray and the design is lifted off. There are never two of a kind.
I became interested in marbling after I had been making my own paper for some time. I saw that Galen Berry was teaching classes in Ann Arbor and managed to get in to the classes. Galen has works in the Smithsonian Institute.

This was about 8 years ago. Since then I have been learning from books and by trial and error. Last summer, I went to Arrowmont School of the Arts and became a Master Marbler. I am always learning something new. Most recently, I learned how to do Tiger eyes or Sunspot.
I put my art under glass and make jewelry that is very unique.

It is my hope and prayer to be able to retire from my full time job in the medical field someday (I am now 65) and travel the country doing shows and meeting lovely people. I dream of the time i can paint during the day! I would love to travel to the International Marblers conventions held around the world. 

Meet Ryan Muse from Ryan’s Birdhouses...
My name is Ryan Muse and I live in Pickerington Ohio with my wife Deidra and my dog Sloopy. I have a great job at The Buckeye Ranch working with troubled youth. We love to go camping on weekends and have camp fires!
I started building bird houses this past winter out of boredom. People loved the birdhouses so I started selling them.
When I was young, my grandpa and I would build small wooden toys and birdhouses together. I believe I found my creativity and love for woodworking through those little projects with my grandpa. This will be my first craft show and I am very excited!

Meet Katie Roush of Katie’s Ooak Dolls...
My name is Katie Roush and I am a self taught doll maker but learned to sew from my Grandmother. We would spend hours at the old black Singer machine. I took to it rather quickly.  I now have branched out into a new line called Pawsh Pets. So, in addition to my soft sculpted character dolls and pet portrait dolls, I make clothing, pet carriers and leash sleeves for your well loved fur babies. You can visit my work on Facebook at:
My youngest daughter, Krystle, loved to craft and create with me, especially the dolls. When she died three years ago, I started sewing again, doll making, as a way to heal. I took my love of a hobby and turned it into something unique. Her memory also has inspired me to launch Pawsh Pets. She loved to dress up my dogs and cats.  I am an animal lover so, creating these things for fur babies is pure joy for me. My pet portrait dolls are exactly that, a portrait painted on muslin that becomes an heirloom. I have clients as far away as the U.K. with these whimsical works of art.
I see something in my head, and my hands just create it. I also get inspired by fabric. I see a certain pattern or style and I just have to do something with it. I love to take a pattern and just run with it. Patterns are like recipes, a starting point. I just add to it as the doll or outfit comes alive. 

2016 Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, June 11, 2016
St. Agatha's Parish Hall
1860 Northam Rd
Columbus, OH 43221
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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