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These Artists Have Scents and Style!

Meet Andrea and Lisa from It’s the Little Things in Life…
I live with my husband Jake, and our 2 year old daughter Ava, in New Albany, Ohio. A 2001 Youngstown State University graduate, I taught as a Reading Specialist for 8 years and worked as a Receptionist at a medical facility for 2 years, before I became a Mom and Homemaker in 2012.  As a Homemaker, I felt compelled to release some of the creative energy I used to expend as a teacher and decided to pursue candle making.  I spent a year researching and learning the art and the business, and giving candles away to family and friends for feedback. I continue to add to my knowledge base daily.  I have had success selling candles in The Noble Baron, the barbershop Jake and I own together, for a year now. I recently began home parties and have done three in the first month.


I live with my husband Josh and our 3 year old son Darren, in Powell, Ohio. We are excited to be expanding our family and are expecting a daughter March 2014. I graduated from Ohio Dominican University in 2009, and have been working as a Senior Business Analyst at Nationwide for 8 years. With our growing family, I am hoping to become a Homemaker. I was inspired by Andrea’s candle venture and she has been a great source of support and encouragement as I just recently started making homemade soaps.

Lisa and Andrea met at church and have been friends for 6 years.  They have joined their business ventures to create “It’s the Little Things in Life”. They had a great time and success with their first home party together and are looking forward to their first craft show. 

Both Lisa and Andrea find inspiration in their family and a strong desire to be the best version of them selves.  They also are inspired by their community and the surrounding Columbus area.  Columbus has big city culture for a small city, a tremendous love of fashion and the arts, and numerous success stories: Cheryl’s Cookies, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret and Limited Brands. All have evolved from this area, have been great influences and business leaders, and are wonderful examples to follow.  It is difficult to be a part of this community and not be inspired to do something and be passionate about doing it well!

In five years we hope to have a business presence in our community and to have had success with some of our own small city Big Ideas! 

Meet Victor and Mary from Let it Shine Candles…

We have been married for almost 24 years and have two children (both teenagers) and live in Goshen, Ohio.  We've lived in various places in Ohio our whole lives.

We've only been making candles for a couple of months.  However, we've talked about it for years.  There are/were several family members who made and sold candles for years, however, we did not want to hinder their efforts in any way.  Recently, a family member in Ohio stopped making them, so we thought it was a good time to begin our hobby. We have never participated in an Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show, this is our first time and we are excited.

We are inspired by our love for the Lord and the closeness that brings our family together when we're all working together to make our craft. (Yes, the kids are very much involved) What got us into making candles was the enjoyment of creating something that we can share with other people and being able to pass a craft on to our children so they may be able to enjoy it as they get older.

Years ago, when we began discussing the making of candles and tarts, we would always try to think of ways to promote the craft.  The art of making candles is somewhat tricky, as we have found out.  However, the desire to make a great looking and fragrant product continues to drive us.  So much of the "discovery" has been by trial and error based on our desire to create a great product.

Our creative process is one of communication with each other.  We're always bouncing ideas off of each other and then trying to step through the process of what we think will or will not work and why. Hopefully, in five years, our oldest daughter will be finishing college and our son will be in college and we'll all still be working together.  If not, then I suppose Mary and I will be enjoying each others company and still making our product and meeting new people.

The real message behind "Let It Shine Candles" is to let your light shine out unto the world.  Our family is blessed and the Lord is the center of our lives regardless of what goes on around us.  No matter what happens, we should try our best to be a help to those around us.

Meet Toya from R.I.P.E Connection Jewelry…

I have a Social Work Bachelor’s Degree and currently work as a Social Worker serving clients with mental disorder and ex-offenders. My hobby is my craft creating jewelry. I also write poetry, enjoy interior design. I give back to my community by volunteering to help homeless population. I have been creating and designing handmade jewelry for about four years. This is my first Avant-Garde Show and I am very excited!

I am a woman with deep spiritual beliefs. I admire the creative work of other artist-However my jewelry is GOD inspired which, make each piece unique and special. One day I looked everywhere for a certain kind of earring to suite my personality and style.  I never found them. As a result, I decided to purchase my own beads and materials to make the earrings that I wanted. Shortly after a woman prayed for me. She prayed for the creative ability in me to come forward. I have created and designed one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry ever since.  I discovered I had a gift, a talent a new hobby. This particular talent caught the attention of friends and family and random strangers. What I love most about this talent is that it captures the attention of people for different countries and cultures.  This is how I got started ever since I have been inspired to create one of kind pieces.


I would use the word “random” to describe my creative process. Usually, I am divinely inspired and then I create! My creation is for both men and women.  I create bracelets, necklaces, magnetic broaches, earrings, and body chains. Currently I sale my jewelry in consignment shops. I am in the process of expanding. In five years, I see my jewelry in national retail stores.  

The name of my Jewelry is R.I.P.E Connection Jewelry, R.I.P.E stands for Restoration, identity, Purpose and Effectiveness in Christ. Regardless of what a person may lose in life: they should stay connected to their purpose. One lost does not define a persons’ entire purpose in life. I experienced many lost. However, through Christ, I stay connected to my whole purpose. As result, I create one of kind pieces of jewelry. I want my jewelry to remind people that GOD can Restore lost, define Identity, clarify Purpose so they can be Effective in life.    

Meet Colleen Hanrahan from Crafts by the Handful…

My name is Colleen Hanrahan.  I live in Dublin and call it home now that I've been there for 20 years.  Last year I was married and became a mother to my 10 year old stepson.  I've been told that I like to stay busy because I also recently decided to start my own business of making homemade crafts endeavor which focuses on goodies for children. 

 I have been crafty all my life, but last Christmas I was given a phenomenal gift...my sewing machine.  Since then I have been unstoppable and after being told by enough friends and family that I should start selling my items, I decided that it was time.   This will be my first Avant-Garde show, and I'm very excited!

What inspires me is also what got me into this hobby.  I found that there were at least four close females in my life who were all pregnant at the same time. 
When I thought about a special gift I could make them, I started going a little crazy and making a lot of different items for them that would be useful.  I was blessed enough to have many other friends with young children who were willing to try and use different items I was making.  
I can't pinpoint a time I "discovered" my talent, but I was raised in a house with a mom who was always sewing.  She sewed a lot of the clothing that my sisters and I wore growing up.  Anytime as a teenager that I couldn't find the exact dress I wanted, my mom and I would go shopping for a pattern and fabric.  I can't say that I got my mom's seamstress talent, but she has always been there to answer questions that come up as I work and encourage my creativity in everything I make.

My creative process starts with a mission or an idea.  I try just one of something before deciding if its something that people would like to have and if I want to make a lot more.  I also get lots of ideas from people asking me for something they want or need for their family. Where do I see myself in 5 years?  I want to be known amongst my friends as the "baby lady".  I want to be the person they turn to whenever they are heading to a baby shower and the place they get items to support the early years of their own children.  I would love for it to become my job, but understand that could be a reach that extends farther than 5 years.  

The message behind my work is creating fun items for young children, even little boys!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's All in the Family For These Artists!

Meet Hilary and Mollie from Trash 2 Treasures…
We are two sisters from Cincinnati.  Hilary is an actress currently living and working in New York City, she graduated from Wright State University in Musical Theater.  Mollie is a nanny and actress in Cincinnati, she graduated from Otterbein University in Early Childhood Education.
Hilary has been an avid crafter since summer camp, only graduating from string friendship bracelets and hemp in the last 4 years.  She loves the new materials she’s been working with. Mollie has been crafting since having to decorate her own home 5 years ago.  We have only been participating/presenting in craft shows for the past 6 months. This is our first Avant-Garde Show and we are thrilled to be a part of it!
We are both inspired by color and functionality.  Hilary is inspired by beauty and pattern, where Mollie’s inspiration comes from turning old things into something new (upcycling). We both enjoy keeping our hands busy with knitting, sewing, etc- especially while watching TV and movies. It's something we have discovered we’re good at it makes GREAT presents, so we have an excuse to keep at it. Hilary discovered her skills at summer camp during the art rotation and Mollie discovered hers while in college. 
The creative process for us stems from spur of the moment ideas.  We don’t always plan our projects out and trial and error are a huge part.  We are just enjoying crafting.
In five years we would love to be able to have some of our pieces in small boutiques around town and thriving in the craft show circuit as well as having many repeat customers.
The message behind our work is fun and not to take yourself too seriously.  Each of our pieces is hand made and one of a kind and should bring a smile to your face every time you see it.
Check out our Facebook page- www.facebook.com/Trash2t

Meet Dana Maxwell from Maries Darling Designs…
Hello, my name is Dana Maxwell. I am 29 years old and I am a Paralegal by day and an avid crafter/crocheter by night. I am engaged to be married in Spring 2015. I have a six year old little boy and am also a step-mother of three.   

I have only been crocheting for a few months now but picked up on it pretty quick and haven't been able to stop. The Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show will actually be my first show. I am pretty excited to meet new people and network with other crafters!
I am inspired to create by the seeing a finished product and saying "I did that"! I have always tested the waters with different crafts such as wreath making, sewing, furniture rehab, crocheting, etc.

I discovered that I could crochet when saw a scarf that I fell in love with online and thought to myself, why pay for it when I can make it! I went to the local craft store, bought a skein of yarn and a hook and went to town!

I use the process of elimination. I don't crochet by patterns. I try different stitches, styles, etc. and go with it! I usually wear my product to get input from friends and family to see what is popular and what isn't. I see business growing in the next 5 years. I would like to broaden my horizons and create a wider range of products.

My message is: Keeping crochet in the 21st century by creating stylish accessories for all ages.

Meet Aanareya and Aalaura from Aani Sweets…

“Life is sweeter when you share it with others.” We are Aani Sweets a gourmet flavored sugar business owned by two sisters (Aanareya 7th grader and upcoming food scientists & Aalaura, 6th grader and upcoming author) and their mom.

My mom has been making a simple vanilla sugar for years so we decided to take a step further and launched our line of gourmet sugars in May 2013. As a new artisan, we’re excited to be participating in our 1st Avant-Grade Art and Craft show. 

Our exotic lines of gourmet flavored sugar are inspired by our love for teas, food, and our “sweet peeps” (our customers). We sat around the table thinking, “Why don’t we have flavored sugar, we have flavored everything else why not sugar?” We felt like the tea was missing and extra kick. When we experimented with different flavors of sugar in our tea it was the special something we were missing and we wanted to share it with the world.  

We currently offer three types of sugars, White Cane, Turbine Sugar in the Raw, and Splenda. We then use different techniques and methods to infuse the flavors into the different types of sugar, to ensure that each sugar has its own unique flavor.

Our 5 year plan includes expanding our product line to include new types of sugars and flavors and expand our distribution business. In addition we will launch an exciting line of gourmet flavored honey and continue to make the world a sweeter place. 
“Sometimes life is better with a little flavor.” ~ Aalaura

Meet Samantha Barnhouse from Aunt Samn’s Marvelous Jams…
I live on a small farm with my strapping husband and our sassy pets. I love taking care of our chickens and turkeys, spending time with my loved ones, and coming up with new things to cook for them.
I produce and can unique and heirloom recipe homemade jams and jellies in my kitchen from real farm-fresh produce grown here in Ohio. Some of the jams I have this year include Peach Butterscotch, Strawberry Margarita, Rhubarb-Ginger, Balsamic Tomato Basil, and Cranberry JalapeƱo, in addition to Root Beer and Mountain Dew jellies.
I have enjoyed cooking and crafting for nearly my entire life, and I have been making and canning jam for 2 years. My aunt Ann taught me canning the first year I was married, and I've made jelly & jam ever since to keep up with the demands of my family & friends. In that time, my husband and I moved to a small farm and started producing our own fruit. Earlier this year, I decided to take the advice of my loved ones, and take my jam to the streets. This is my first Avant-Garde Show, and I am looking forward to it!

 My family inspires me. My heart is full of warm memories of good times I've shared with those I love. Although we reside all over the world, from California & Oregon to Arizona & Texas, from Ohio & North Carolina, to Germany & France, we make time to gather together around the table for our most special occasions. And while we are apart, I cherish these moments I have shared in the presence of those dearest to me. All I need is the familiar music of an old song or the sweet taste of a family recipe to become magically transported to these times I have been my happiest. In other words, I was blessed with a diverse, close-knit family, and I cook jam to keep us together; my wish is to create something good enough to share, something with the power to bring us side by side once again, and, when that is impossible, a flavor to conjure the memories of the joyful times we spent with each other.
I simply love making jam; my own sweet tooth has a lot to do with that. And my family and friends have always pushed me to go further with my spreads. My cousin/de facto sister Mallory sent me a photograph of her 2 year old son scarfing down a sandwich captioned, "Aunt Samn's marvelous jam." Seeing that photo made it click for me; by making jam, I have the power to make people a little bit happier. I couldn't stop smiling looking at that photo, thinking to myself, "that Gerber baby's job is in danger."
I wanted to put his sweet little face on my jars and share them with the world. So I took the picture and the name and got to making more jelly, just as Mallory, along with the rest of the family, encouraged me to. The faces you see on my jars now are all my darling nieces and nephews; I call my jam "Aunt Samn's," because I want them to know how loved they are. The proof is in the pudding. So many people were asking me for my jam, I kept running out of it. I have tasted a lot of jams, and I am confident nothing on the market comes close to mine. I would put Aunt Samn's Marvelous Jams up against any other jam or jelly, any day.

Most of my jams are made from fruit and herbs my family and I pick by hand at my own farm or other farms here in Ohio. Then it's my job to combine the fresh-picked, in-season produce with other top-drawer ingredients into flavors my family and I myself would enjoy, like adding rum and fresh lime juice to my mint jelly to create my mojito jelly, mixing dark chocolate into my black raspberry jam, or slow-simmering my apple butter with real maple syrup. When the jam I come up with is exceptionally tasty, I make enough to share with you.
The crops on our small, northwest Delaware County farm are produced without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Consequently, in 5 years, I would like for 100% of the fruit in my jams to come from my own farm, so I may have greater control over cost and quality (although my chickens love eating the fruit that doesn't make the cut). In the meantime, our farm's peach trees and berry bushes should mature and begin bearing fruit.

The message behind my work is Love. I create all of my jams with my family in mind. And I realize that sometimes doing something nice for somebody is easier than telling them how we feel about them. I put my heart into creating spreads with flavors that are so tasty, made from ingredients so high in quality, you'll want to share them. Wake up your partner with some warm toast and coffee, surprise a favorite kid with an after-school PB&J, or invite an old friend for tea & biscuits. It's okay to say I love you with a sweet treat and a smile. Spread some jam, and spread the love!

2013 Columbus Winter Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show

Saturday, December 21, 2013, 10:00am-4:00pm

St. Agatha's Parish Hall
1860 Northam Rd
Columbus, OH 43221

For more information, contact Becki Cooper, Event Coordinator at info@avantgardeshows.com
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