Friday, March 24, 2017

It's Show Weekend!

Meet Bianca Gary from B. Sage Studios...
B. Sage Studios started off as the brainchild of founders, Bianca Sage Gery and Ryan Tackett, in 2012 to sell jewelry and other various products designed by the two. Trials and experimentations built up to the birth of B. Sage’s signature product, the Painting Pendant. In 2015, the business was finally set in stone, and the husband-and-wife team began travelling around Ohio and parts of Indiana to craft shows, farmer’s markets, and community festivals selling their one-of-a-kind handmade Painting Pendants.

The idea of B. Sage Studios was to not only produce their own jewelry designs, but to expand what the company would produce, along with carrying products designed and made by other indie makers. With backgrounds in fine art, both Bianca and Ryan felt a passion to create a lifestyle brand that could house and support other indie artists while connecting with like-minded customers.
Late 2016, B. Sage opened its first retail location as a holiday pop-up shop. With the opening of the store, the company was able to once more expand their product offering into boutique-style clothing, a long-time dream of Bianca’s.

Inspirations for the B. Sage collections are always in flux. The team is inspired by colors, textures, nature, stories, dreams and even feelings. Artwork is made based on these things and ideas. Products are then designed around the artwork. Recent collections such as 2016 Spring “Awaken” and 2016 Fall “Dark Garden” are examples of the how the rise and fall of seasonal moods inspired the art, and how the individual collections will often play off of each other. The team is currently designing and producing 2017 Spring/Summer collections.
The creative process not a definitive one. It's a combination between pure creation, lots of research on seasonal trends, and figuring out how those two things can integrate together to create the final product. The B. Sage team always wants to be relevant, while staying true to the brand.

Bianca has a B.A. in Studio Art with a broad concentration from mixed media to abstract painting to soft sculpture. She has been creating artwork and designing since childhood. She serves as the Creative Director and designer of B. Sage Studios. Ryan has been doing photography and digital art since high school. Always having an entrepreneurial spirit, Ryan is the company’s head problem solver, lead in marketing, and photographer.

In five years, the B. Sage team hopes to have one to two permanent store locations, while expanding their online store.

The company’s mission:
B. Sage Studios is a lifestyle retail company on a mission to create artistic products that inspire others, support indie-makers by selling and connecting their crafted products to people, and making sure the products are ethically and thoughtfully made. We give customers a place where they can feel good about shopping while living a stylish lifestyle.

B. Sage Studios has participated in two previous Avant-Garde Craft & Art shows. For this particular spring show, B. Sage will be showcasing their signature Painting Pendants, their “Gem Collection” soy candles, art prints, and pillows they have designed. To learn more, visit

Meet Heather Hicks from Olive Tree Designs LLC...
Hello. My name is Heather Hicks.  I am a mom of two boys and I work as the Director of Youth and family ministries at the First Presbyterian Church of Westerville. I have been doing this as a business for about 2 years now, but I have been making jewelry most of my life for gifts and for fun.
What inspires me to create... I love all things Victorian and Celtic so I try to combine the two,  but most of my inspiration comes from my customers who are very generous in telling me what they like and most of the time it's what I like too.
How I got into my craft.. My Grandmother was always a crafter, although she never made jewelry, but she always encouraged us to do what we love.  About 2 years ago, my sister-in-law suggested that I start my own business because she loved what I was making.  I have not backed down since.

How I discovered my talent.. I grew into my talent, you might say.  It was not something that happened over night.  I enjoy making gifts for my family and I found purchasing jewelry very expensive.  I started off creating things I liked and thought family or friends would like.  It was not until I offered to sell some of my pieces that people responded that the would like more.
As part of my creative process, I do some research first.  I look at art work, myths and legends from Celtic traditions, and even other pieces of jewelry.  Then I look at all the different supplies that are available to me in the colors and styles I want and then I make each piece however I have been inspired.

In 5 years, I would like to see this little store grow, and be involved in the Dublin Irish festivals.  I would also like to grow my business online so that I can help as many ladies as possible connect to their Irish heritage as well as fell beautiful.

The message behind my work is that there is something magical about the Celtic heritage that I want to encapsulate in my work.  I hope that many ladies will gain hope, and inspiration as they connect to their roots through my beautiful pieces.

Meet Liang Xia and Chao Song from Little Sky Stone...
Little Sky Stone was co-founded by Liang Xia and Chao Song in 2015, Liang is the designer of the jewelry. Little Sky Stone's initial concept was created from the principles of Chinese culture and heritage. When Liang moved to the United States 6 years ago, he discovered the uniqueness behind turquoise, opening his eye to a cross-cultural perspective on protection and wealth. With that, Liang wanted to incorporate Chinese elements with turquoise to the U.S. Liang's craft hobby started when he was 7, he started designing jewelry since 2015. 
The inspiration of Little Sky Stone's jewelry mainly comes from the nature, Liang and Chao also value the uniqueness of handmade jewelry. Nowadays, most of the jewelry are mass produced by machines, although they look pretty, there is no soul in each piece of jewelry. This has been a problem for jewelry makers in China, crafters cannot make a living by selling their handmade jewelry compared to the low cost mass produced products and the handmade silver making techniques are getting lost in the younger generation. This is a huge concern for us, so Liang and Chao wanted to create this brand to inspire younger artisans to continue making their jewelry.
While growing up in Northeast China, Liang's interest in collecting stones started from a young age. After visiting a small village in HuBei Province, liang's inspiration sparked when introduced to the beauty of turquoise and the rich history behind the stone, which is believed to bring health and protection when worn. So Liang explored further and learnt about the design and silver making techniques from Miao People, known for their craftsmanship of silver accessories for hundreds of years. Liang then tried to design some jewelry by himself, incorporating modern fashion elements in his design, his work received a lot of compliments from people here in US, then he started making this into a business and started Little Sky Stone. 

The design of Little Sky Stone is influenced by minimalism. Liang's inspiration is mostly from mother nature - trees, leaves, flowers, mountains etc. He likes travelling and going to the museum, spending a lot of time on pintrest and instagram to brainstorm ideas for his designs. Liang sees Ohio as his second hometown, so he designed multiple ohio themed jewelry pieces - Buckeye leaf necklace, Ohio map rings. 
Our five year goal... We want to expand our store from online only to have our own brick and mortar stores. Support and inspire more young artists to thrive and pursue their own dreams. 

The message behind out work.. Our work is an art form, as well as the carrier of culture. We take pride in creating jewelry lines that share the authenticity and uniqueness. 

Meet Lisa McAllister from Keepsake Quilts by Lisa...
We are sisters who share a passion for quilting.  We both reside in the NW part of Columbus - Worthington for me and Powell for Karen. 

We have never actually done a craft show but have been lifelong sewers.  Our Mom had a sewing machine and always encouraged us to dabble around with it - she did some sewing but never pushed us in any direction just allowed plenty of room for creative process.  She also knitted and crocheted. Growing up we had always been around a Mom who had a creative outlet.  She sowed the seeds and gave us room to grow our craft.

What inspires us..  fabric - sewing, touching and imagining.  Each pattern/color is created uniquely by our love of fabric.Sewing grew for both of us probably from a starting place of clothing.  Karen sewed a lot for both of her daughters.  My daughter was a competitive figure skater and I got into sewing her skating dresses as a way to save some money.  As the kids grew up our directions changed to more home dec and now has really settled down into the quilting.
Our creative process.. Either a pattern or fabric calls out to be something.  Not all fabrics work well with all patterns so it begins with finding the two that compliment each other.  The pattern should show off the best of the fabric and vice versatile.

Our five year goal is to hopefully spending most of work day quilting and doing local art and craft shows! We have started an Etsy site in January 2017 -  And doing local art and craft shows.

The message behind our work is that we see our quilts as an expression of ourselves and want to share that with others. 

Meet Lee Hughes from Glass Garden Stones...
Retried a few years ago, I've been able to spend time with my love of stainglass.

Thirty years ago I took a class for stainglass and two years after taught at an adult education center. This will be my first Avant-garde show. There are so many types and colors of glass it's so easy to be inspired. 
It is my goal and hope to beautify and personalize landscapes with my stepping stones. The jewelry gives you an appreciation of the many types of glass.

Meet Addie Ashworth from AddieAsh...
I have always been interested in fashion and studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.  In 2008 I decided to make my dachshunds a harness after being unable to find one that would properly fit their bodies.  I soon started to receive custom order requests. That led to me participating as a vendor in numerous craft shows throughout Southern California and selling at a local store in Seal Beach.  Sophie, my middle fur child was my inspiration to launch Sophie's Threads.
AddieAsh Collection slowly evolved over the years as I created jewelry for myself and family.   Living in Southern California for many years I became inspired by the the bohemian lifestyle that surrounds the beach communities. I am amazed by the beautiful rocks that the earth is comprised of and feel that these treasures must be adorned.  I combine natural rocks and minerals with leather to create a distinct boho style.

2016 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, March 5, 2016
St. Agatha's Parish Hall
1860 Northam Rd
Columbus, OH 43221
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Colorful Vendors for Spring!

Meet Kathy Maur from Gallifrey Farm Goatmilk Soaps...
I am a wife, mom to 5 terrific kids, grandmother to 4 adorable children goat-herder and soaper. I have been soaping for about 10 years and raising Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for almost 18yrs

What inspires me to create.. My hands were so rough and dry. I attributed it to raising a family, raising livestock and washing hands A LOT!. One summer during our 4H fair, one of the goat advisors told me to check into the skin loving qualities of goat milk soap. She was sure it would help my hands. After reading about the amazing benefits of homemade soaps and the additional benefit of goat milk in the soap, I was ready to start making it for me.
The more I researched the soap making process the more excited I was to try it. Then after seeing the results of smooth hands with the same amount of constant washing as before, I became a believer. I began giving it to my family and friends— they wanted more and the so the business began.

My creative process... After mastering my recipe, I adored the individual molds available for soaps. I am always on the look out in my travels for cute molds. It takes more time to do individual soap molding but I feel it is worth it.
Where I see myself in five years.. I will always be making the soaps…. most of my family would not want to  go without them and neither would I.

The message behind my work.. commercial soaps are made with synthetic detergents and petroleum products that clean your skin but leave it dry. My all natural goat milk soap cleans and leaves your skin hydrated with luxurious oils and butters. The individual molding creates a beautiful presentation for yourself or as a gift!

Meet Mylinda Mitchell from Witty Creations...
My name is Mylinda Mitchell and I am the proud business owner of Witty Creations. I am a 45 year old mother of 5 and I have been married to the love of my life for 25 years. In 2012 I lost a lot of my ability to move around after a bad mesh surgery. So because of my limited mobility I had to put Witty Creations on hold and I picked up crocheting as a hobby. For hours I would sit in my chair and crochet gifts for my friends and family. It has truly become a passion of mine and I've decided to share my creations with others beyond my inner circle. I have been crocheting actively for about 5 years now.

I would have to say that Pinterest and Youtube were some of my biggest inspirations when I started back up. It amazed me to see people take something as simple as yarn and turn it into all these different works of art. And from that I was inspired to create my own pieces of art from yarn.

When I was a little girl my grandmother taught me how to crochet and I picked it back up after my surgery. It really helped me through the pain and the fact that I couldn't move around like I wanted to. I've always loved creating things with my hands so it was a nice way to keep my mind and hands busy.
I discovered my talent when I discovered that yarn isn't just for making blankets! When I realized that you could make whatever you wanted there was no stopping me. So I took the challenge to create different forms of art with my yarn and needles and they actually all turned out pretty good. As time passed little by little I perfected my craft and now I'm ready to share what God has blessed me to create.

My creative process.. I see something adorable on the internet and then I make a lay out plan of my own design and the colors I would like to use. Then I figure out what stitch pattern to use to create my own version of the image that inspired me. From there I get my needles moving and in a few hours the lay out that I put together slowly comes to life.
My five year goal... My desire is to have my very own distinct design of crochet art and in 5 years I would like to be able to market my pieces online and in my own gift shops.

The message behind my work is to use the gifts God has blessed us with to create gifts to bless others. I am a true believer that our gifts come from God, and that they can give you the greatest joy even when you're experiencing some of the hardest times in your life. Crocheting allows me to focus on others by using my own hands to create special pieces of art to uplift and encourage them. I feel very honored that God blessed me to be able to create things to be a blessing to others. View more of my work at:

Meet Debra Gleason from Whimsy Paper Arts..
I have been making and selling my cards since 1999. But, the creative juices have always been there so I have always made something! Quilting, wood crafts,  painting, sewing, embroidery , etc.  Its just a natural activity in my family. We were blessed with a talented grandmother who passed on many interests and talents.  Over time I  have come to realize that paper arts are my first "love" .  Inspiration comes from many different sources. Some come easily, as  ideas pop in my head.  Others seem to require more work!  The world is full of inspirational colors and patterns. 

I'm motivated by many things. I love being a part of people connecting by the written word. 

I believe that email and texting are great for exchanging information but, if your message comes from the heart, it should be handwritten. Its so easy to let someone know you are thinking of them with a handwritten note. What a nice way to make someone's day special. And why not send it on a lovely card!?

Meet Carissa Barney from Lamp-Post Letters..
I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to three boys ages 6, 4, 2. I have a passion for living authentically in community, finding and sharing freedom in Christ, and speaking grace and truth. One of the ways that I pursue living that out is through art - mostly watercolor and wood-based hand-lettering.

Although I loved art (mostly sketching) when I was young, art became a part of my life again only shortly after my oldest son was born - so about six years ago. I started with mixed media and art journaling, which is where I fell in love with watercolor and  untraditional uses for it! I have only been hand lettering for about a year.

I am creatively stumped if my heart isn't fed. A lot of my art comes from what I am learning, where my heart is, and the encouragement that I sense is needed in the people and world around me. Usually that encouragement is something that I need, too ;)

When I was little, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. That quickly didn't sound like a realistic goal, though, and I actually got poor grades in art class (something about not fully following my teachers directions... haha!). I gave up on art for a very long time, falsely believing I wasn't good enough and that pursuing art was "selfish," but after my first son was born God gently revealed to me how using ANY gift He had given me, even if it didn't directly or traditionally feed or serve others, was an act of worship. I slowly walked back into it and have been so blessed through it.
I am not actually sure how I "discovered" my talent! Art was just always something I yearned to do, but for years I didn't consider it to be a talent I had. It took a very long time, some heart work, and some redefining of the word "artist", for me to admit that maybe I was good at this, and could share it with others. It takes guts sometimes to believe the truth about yourself, even if it is good!

The process is my favorite part! I actually prefer to think about "art" as a verb rather than a noun. Art is the entire thing - not just the product. It is the inspiration, the soul, the bravery it takes to create something with the materials within and around you.
Practically speaking, however, my process looks a lot like this: Naptime for the kids, the coffee table to hold my coffee and water and materials, a clipboard, the couch, and SPACE. Physical space, sure, but more importantly for me is mind-space. Soul-space. Reflection, my Bible, and just listening. I try my best to stop worrying about making it perfect (I am a recovering perfectionist, but art is where I find freedom!), and I just go. The less expectation I put on myself, the more I enjoy it. Art is breathing, slowing the intake, breathing out the grace I try to give myself.

This is a hard question to answer! Because of my stage of life, remaining present-focused is where I feel like I need to be. If the next 5 years is anything like the last 5, though, in that time I will look back and say "what happened?" ... I can not predict where things will be, but I know that there are things happening and changing even when you can't see it!

When I create, I hope that my art can speak lightness, encouragement and maybe just a deep breath to those who see it!

Meet Carla Smith from C K Crafters...
My name is Carla Smith, and I exhibit under the name C K Crafters. I am a lifelong crafter and grandmother of four!
This will be my fourth Avant Garde show.  My product comes from a love of all things beautiful.  I tell my husband this satisfies my shopping and crafting/creating urges by allowing me to purchase that beautiful serving plate/bowl, and then design a wired and beaded serving utensil to go with it in order to create a combination any hostess would be proud to use!  I have done custom knife and cake servers for brides in their wedding colors and complete serving pieces to complement a client's china.
I love it when someone comes to my booth and says, "Oh, my sister will love this, or "I am having a gathering this weekend, and can't wait to use this"!

Hope to see you all at the show!

2016 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, March 5, 2016
St. Agatha's Parish Hall
1860 Northam Rd
Columbus, OH 43221
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on:

Monday, March 20, 2017

Heading to Hilliard!

Meet Lydia Heimbrock from Needle Eye Creations...
Hi there! My name is Lydia and I am co-owner and founder of Needle Eye Creations LLC. I am a Columbus native but I relocated to Loveland last summer for my husband’s school. I live there with my husband of a little over 2 years and 2 cats (a 6 year old Tuxedo and a 10 month old orange tabby). I am a Part-Time Manager at JoAnn's Fabrics and Craft Stores in Mason. In my free time, I’m usually sewing, working other projects or watching Netflix. This will be my fourth Avant-Garde show!
I have been a crafter my entire life and I've been sewing off and on for as long as I can remember. Sewing didn't become a hobby until 4 years ago when I received a sewing machine as a Christmas gift. I started selling my stuffed animals at craft bazaars that following holiday season. Since then I have added some other sewn items to my booth. We became a LLC at the beginning of last year.

What inspires me to create.. All of the different fabric and project possibilities. I see something and my mind instantly goes how can I make that or how can I make that better. I love figuring out the problem of how to make something and being able to say yes I made this when I am all done.

How I got into my craft.. My mom is an artist and a crafter so I guess you could say that it is genetic. She taught me how to crochet very early and my love of creating things took off from there.
My creative process.. Sometimes its finding the fabric first then coming up with the project or sometimes its having a project and then finding the perfect fabric.

My five year goal.. Successfully selling my items at craft shows and on my own website, and possibly putting on my own craft show.

Meet Joann Cooper from Blessings...
I am a local crafter, I live about an hour north of Columbus. I got married last July taking on the job of doing all of the decorations myself…they were beautiful and unique. Boy what a job! I love to create anything. I  LOVE TO CRAFT.

I did crafting many years ago, I got back into it almost 5 years ago. I love it, it keeps me busy and sane. This is the first Avant-Garde show I’ve done. So excited to be a part of my first, hopefully many more.
Ive always been creative and love to handmade gifts. Decided that I need to be creative full time!I got started in crafting from my mom. She made beautiful things. Who doesn’t want to be just like there mom… When I first started many years ago, I honestly don’t think I had any talent!! But over the years with success and failures I’ve figured what works for me.

My creative process….my husband laughs at me, I’ll pick up an item look at it, turn it over…he says he sees the wheels turning. I like to do many different things.
In my future I would love to display my unique items in a store front in a nice old town. Its always  been a dream of mine, I love people… The message behind my work is that I hope that my work brings many years of joy to whoever takes it home. I like to make my work look weather and primitive, just like me!

Meet Cara Wagner from Designs for 5...
I am a seventh grade language arts teacher from West Middletown, Ohio.  I actually teach in the same district from which my parents and I graduated.  My husband, Jared, and I have been married for nearly 9 years and have three children: Noah (8), Ava (6), and Emma (4) and a Bullmastiff named Dixie.  We have a crazy, busy life and are always on the go, but manage to do lots of fun things together and have already made lots of AMAZING memories!  I love to read and have recently discovered that I enjoy making jewelry too!

I have been “crafting” my whole life, but have only been making jewelry since November 2016.  It was then that I decided I wanted to make our moms something interesting for Christmas – after looking at a few pictures of wire wrapped jewelry, I was on my way!
What inspires me.. I really enjoy the selection process (picking different kinds/sizes of wire and various stones/beads) and the end result; basically I create things because I’m interested to see how they turn out.  I usually don’t have a design in mind when I begin so I’m always excited to see what I wind up with!

How I got into the craft.. This past Christmas, I wanted to get our (my husband’s and my) moms something different, but personal that also didn’t cost a fortune.  They both love jewelry and so I decided to do some research to see how difficult creating wire jewelry could be. 
How I discovered my talent..  I’m still not 100% sure I do have talent!  I have sold several pieces and receive lots of compliments on others, but so far my determination of “success” regarding a piece of jewelry is whether or not I’d wear it (and pay money to own it!).

My creative process.. I start by selecting a stone that I like, either because of shape or color(s) and then choose a wire color (silver, bronze, or copper) that I think would best accentuate the stone.  I then start some kind of weave (really just whatever I feel like doing that day) and go from there.  There is no end product in mind I just see where the piece takes me and hopefully end up with something I like.
My five year goal..  Since I doubt creating jewelry will lead to a full time job for me, I anticipate being in much the same place as I am now: creating for the fun of it and selling pieces online and at various shows.

The message behind my work is that beautiful, fun, creative pieces of jewelry don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Meet Hillary Martin from the Candle Chemist...
I am a chemist by day and a candle-maker by night! I currently work full-time as a chemist for a pharmaceutical company. I love my job but I needed a creative outlet. I have always loved art as well as science. This may seem strange, as art and science are often painted as opposites; but I can’t imagine one without the other. Candle-making as provided me with a way to fulfill my passion for both. I started my little business in August 2015 This will be my fourth Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show.
Memories inspire me. Our sense of smell is very powerful—it can take us back to a happier time in our memory and sooth the mind. I love creating candles the evoke nostalgia in my customers. I particularly love creating flower scented and painted candles. The hydrangea, lilac and lavender remind me of walking through my favorite gardens from my childhood.
How I got into my craft.. I’ve always loved crafts: knitting, cross stitch, painting, making Christmas ornaments and now candles! A co-worker of mine mentioned that she made her own candles for gifts and I decided to give it a try. I posted pictures of my creations on social media and many of my friends and family wanted to purchase them for themselves!

My creative process is quite simple actually. I find a scent that I think sounds delicious make a one or two candles to see if it smells as good as it sounds and then move on to creating a unique and fun way to package it. I’m quite literal… I like to paint whatever flower the scent is on the outside of the container or put the coffee scented candle in a coffee mug or the chardonnay scented candle in a wine glass etc. It’s easy to make a generic company label to stick on the outside of each candle, but where’s the fun in that?
In five years I would like be more zero-waste. Perhaps create my own essential oils used in the candle making process as opposed to purchasing scents. All of my candles are refillable. That means Zero-waste. I refill all of my candle creations for 50% off the original price. This is completely unique as far as I know. No wasted creations, and saves you money too! Visit my etsy shop for details:

Meet Brenda Burdette from Amita Whole Body Care..
Hi, my name is Brenda Burdette.  I am the mother three amazing kids, who have provided me with so much inspiration the last 20 years.  Yes 20.  I have a wonderful man in my life, who has given me support and encouragement on this venture, and has provided lots of fun ideas to help bring it to life.  Finally, I am also the owner of Amita Whole Body Care, LLC., providing local all-natural skincare, handcrafted in small batches, using only plant based oils, essential oils, herbs, and beeswax or plant based emulsifiers.  Before I took the leap to turn this into a business, I spent 20 years in financial roles.  I continue to maintain a professional career while pursuing my passion for natural skincare and living simply.
I began researching and experimenting with natural skincare and other natural remedies about 10 years ago after learning about all of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, and aspired to minimize that exposure for my family.
People inspire me to create.  The Earth inspires me.  Science inspires me, as does nature.  When I talk to people about different skin sensitivities they may have, my mind goes to work.  I want to create products that fulfill a health benefit and improves lives.  The Earth gives us so many resources, that if used responsibly, can improve our lives and help us live healthier lives.  There are properties in the essential oils that are medicinal.  The art comes in when you are trying to create something that provides an aromatic lift to your senses while also giving healing benefits to your skin! So many possibilities!
How I got into my craft.. I began doing research on living sustainably and naturally.  As part of this, my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, and I wanted to learn about natural ways I could help manage her symptoms.  I learned that some studies had shown environmental factors such as diet and personal care products could impact the neurotransmitters in the brain.  So I began eliminating processed foods and as many chemical products as I could from my home.  I eventually began making most of our personal care products at home out of simple ingredients, and it evolved from there as I learned about the medicinal benefits of plants.
I realized it was an actual talent when I developed my “Tea Tree Everything Salve”.  This little creation had everyone who tried it raving.  It is good for minor cuts and scrapes, clearing up acne, and quickly healing insect bites.  Because it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, as well as wonderful moisturizers that won’t clog pores, it is healing and moisturizing at the same time!
My creative process is a mix of thinking through my goal, my available options, some research on complimentary ingredients for both scent and medicinally, and then a little trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t.  Sometimes it’s just fun experimenting, but you don’t quite get what you want, other times it’s really awesome.
My five year goal.. I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge.  I big part of my goal is to educate as many people as I can about the benefits of using natural products, with ingredients that you recognize.  I hope to continue attending events like this and interact with the community, to engage people, and to encourage others to take their health personally.  I hope to be a thriving piece of the community; a business people recognize and trust.
Amita is a Sanskrit word for boundless or infinite.  I want my work to reflect the boundlessness of our lives and the boundlessness of our Earth.  When you are inspired by life and gifted by nature, you can do amazing things.

2016 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, March 5, 2016
St. Agatha's Parish Hall
1860 Northam Rd
Columbus, OH 43221
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on: