Friday, March 4, 2016

Less Than 24 Hours to Go!

Meet Kristin Moore of Flair & Moore Jewelry Designs...
Hi, I'm Kristin Moore of Flair & Moore Jewelry Designs.  After my dear, talented, jewelry-making mom passed away unexpectedly in 2011 I found myself with a heap of beads and tools but little direction other than a creative vision. Slowly I transformed my lifelong love of paper crafting into an amazing new world of jewelry design that I think she'd be proud of.  While I've participated in a number of other craft shows, this will be my first Avante-Garde Art & Craft Show.
Many jewelry artisans have a preferred medium and recognizable style. My artistic leanings are towards earthy, asymmetry and sometimes delicate sometimes bold pieces. But working outside the box is what artists do, right?! So you will find symmetrical, colorful pieces in a variety of styles here as well. On my Flair & Moore Facebook page and in my Etsy shop you will also find pieces ranging from beaded to wired, traditional to funky, simple to elaborate. You will find shiny sterling and hammered copper, bits of leather, natural stone, glass and gems, suede and pearl and more. Eclectic might be a good word to describe my evolving style.
My creative process is two-fold really. Some days I spend allowing ideas to flow freely and I just design whatever inspiration brings. But I also love the exhilaration of creating a personalized, custom piece and nailing it. Being inspired by others' imaginations is often times where the fun truly lies!In five years both my children will have moved on to college so I hope to continue fueling this creative passion I have into a thriving online presence, as well as a few favorite shows I commit to doing every year! I hope to have my studio, which currently doubles as my kids' game room, all to myself to spread out and really dive in to design. With any luck my husband and I will be able to sail into our golden years, each still enjoying our hobbies as well as each other! 

Meet Rita Bertram from Oh So Delicious..

I have always loved to make appetizers and desserts, so last year when I decided to start a business, I began with those two strengths-because when you embark on a new adventure; if it’s not something you love to do, why bother, right?

I played around with my favorite recipes and ingredients, took the best combinations of flavors and created a line of dip mixes and sweet spreads. Thus “Oh So Delicious” was born!
I make a variety of flavors: Very Veggie, Horsey Spinach, White Cheddar Onion, Cranberry Pecan and Sweet Pumpkin to name a few. I make them all from scratch and each package is hand blended. I started selling my mixes at a local Farmers Market and offered all of my  dips & spreads for tasting. What a fun beginning that was! I soon was up to four Farmers Markets per week in Richland & Crawford Counties. That was  followed with booths at Fall Craft Festivals and Holiday Gift Shows this past Christmas. 

The adventure continues as I branch out with  my first Avant-Garde show in Columbus!

Meagan von Reuter from Felt Flower Market...
I've been making felt flowers for about 6 months, but have been constructing and crafting in general for many years. My inspiration for creation really varies- you never know what and when inspiration will hit. If I had to pick one thing though is probably say color is a big inspiration for me. When I see colorful things I just have to create. 
How I got into my business.. I just generally like to create and do crafts in my spare time. I have a room dedicated to it! I saw some felt flowers online and decided to give it a try. 
My creative process really is inspiration to manifestation. I love to make things. Build things also- not just crafting. I think that the message behind my work is that  everything I make is to think about things in a different way. I can't have a vase of flowers because my cats knock them over. How about felt flowers then?

Meet Carla Smith from CK Crafty Creations...
You will see by my picture that I most enjoy the sun and beach, but spend other relaxing times by doing a variety of sewing/craft projects.  I have been a crafter since my teens, and have done almost everything imaginable in that line for personal use during my lifetime. My passion is my current product of customized embellished serveware.  This product satisfies both my shopping and crafting urges, as I buy a beautiful serving plate and customize an wire- and bead-embellished spreader, fork, etc., to complement the item for a lovely gift set.  I take pride in matching beading so that the end product is a thing of beauty!  I also do a lot of custom work, i.e. cake serving set for brides in their wedding colors. 
Although this is my first Avant-Garde show, I have exhibited in many other venues, and especially love the interaction with my customers.  When they see an item that inspires them as a hostess or they see something that will be a perfect gift for their sister, it makes my day!

Meet Anika McCanna from Sew Agape...
My name is Anika McCanna. I have a 14 month old boy named Zion and another baby on the way. My husband and I have been married for 3 years and we have always wanted to find away for me to be able to stay at home and raise our children. Sew Agape represents our lives. Our lives with our family, and our life with God. Agape is a selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love, the highest of the four types of love in the Bible. We rely on God's love to help us provide for our family and in doing so we are trusting in His grace to help this business grow. We want to provide able for our family. Provide in ways that give our family back their nights so we do not have to work two jobs. We have agape for our family. The same as God has for us. Therefore, through our sewing business, we want to share this love with others. We want this business to be a testimony to who we are and who our family is.
I've been sewing for 3 years now. This is our first time trying to get our business up and running. My inspiration comes from being able to make personal pieces for people and being able to create new memories for them. Being able to be a stay at home mom and help my husband provide for our family. All of this keeps me going!
How I got into my craft.. I had so much down time! When I was pregnant with my son, I went into labor early and was put on bed rest at 20 weeks. I needed something to do with all my time. So I started sewing, then people became interested, and I realized on day that I'd have to let all this go to go back to work, then it dawned on me that this could be my job!
My creative process comes from the ideas of those who put in orders. My products are exactly what the customers order. If they aren't satisfied, then neither am I! My five year goal... I would like to see myself in a brick and mortar location. I would like to open my own shop, or even be successful at online sales within my business!

The message behind my work is that Agape is a selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love, the highest of the four types of love in the Bible. We rely on God's love to help us provide for our family and in doing so we are trusting in His grace to help this business grow. We want to provide able for our family. Therefore, through our sewing business, we want to share this love with others. We want this business to be a testimony to who we are and who our family is. View more of my work at: , ,

Meet Melissa Karate from Mango Designs..
I am 21 years old and currently studying biology and environmental studies at Denison University in Granville, OH. I graduate in the spring and hope to go into the field of animal sciences and/or behavior. I started making jewelry since I was a little girl and recently started selling it this year. This will be my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show and my first show overall! 

I started making jewelry with my mom's childhood friend, who is a talented Cleveland artist. When we visited her during my childhood, I would sit and make little pieces for hours while her and my mom talked. Since then, I have always enjoyed the feeling of making jewelry, keeping my hands busy and being creatively focused was an awesome feeling. In the past couple years, I have been inspired by the healing and energy properties of different stones and sea glass and started to collect them. Then, I started finding these stones in bead form, and learned taught myself how to wire-wrap sea glass by hand. This is when I picked up my old jewelry making hobby, incorporating them into my pieces. With this, I know that each of my pieces have their own unique energies, and I would love to share them with others. 
While I just recently turned this hobby into a small business, I would love to watch it grow, as I myself learn and grow. I hope to continue sharing my unique creations by selling them to friends and family and at more shows. 

Meet Jim Siemer from
Jim Siemer is an artist from Columbus, Ohio whose family built a cottage on Middle Bass Island in 1983 and he was inspired by the beauty of the Lake Erie area to begin painting watercolors. Jim believes that Ohio is the most beautiful state in our nation and over the last 25 years he has painted numerous watercolors capturing Ohio’s splendor.

Jim is a graduate of Bishop Ready High School, Columbus, Ohio where he was first challenged by art teacher Sister Marie Miller to appreciate the wonders of art. He graduated from Ohio University and attended Columbus College of Design and Maryland College of Art and Design. Jim has taken several watercolor classes in Ohio, Maryland and Virginia. Jim was a board member of Ohio Citizens for the Arts and is a member of the Clintonville Artist’s Guild.  Jim has had several art exhibits in various venues throughout Ohio. He was the co-coordinator of the “Columbus: Then…Now…When?” art exhibit celebrating the bicentennial of Columbus at the James A. Rhodes State Office Tower and was the Merchandise Manager for 200Columbus which celebrated the bicentennial of Columbus.
Jim recently created art for the Bicentennial of the Battle of Lake Erie (2013) and the Ohio Statehouse Sesquicentennial Poster (2011). He has also created the official art for the 1996 National Cherry Blossom Festival, the 1997 official parade designs for President Clinton’s Second Inauguration, the 2000 holiday card for the Ohio State Representatives, the 2003 Taste of DC official poster design, official designs for the 2004 America Celebrates the Greatest Generation Word War II Memorial opening, the Paris on the Potomac official art for the Washington Convention and Tourism Corporation, the 2005 poster art for the 100 Anniversary of Lake Erie Miller’s Ferry and the 2009-2013 covers for the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Year Book.

Prints of Jim’s Ohio watercolors are available in shops and galleries in Columbus, Middle Bass Island, Port Clinton, Put-in-Bay, Catawba Island and Marblehead. Jim’s art is also available online at or  Jim Siemer can be contacted at or 614-313-6200

2016 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, March 5, 2016
St. Agatha's Parish Hall
1860 Northam Rd
Columbus, OH 43221
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's Almost Show Time, Columbus!

Meet Molly from Buckeye Baby Beads...
I am originally from Columbus, and currently live in Powell with my husband, 1 year old son, and Boston Terrier. I am an Ohio State Alum and an avid Buckeye fan, which is the reason for creating Buckeye Baby Beads!
I work in the financial industry by day, so this opportunity to use my creativity and be my own boss has been very rewarding so far! I have been in the business for about four months, and this will be my first time participating in an Avant-Garde show!
My mom is an artist and a teacher, and I have always admired her creativity. When I was growing up, she was always painting, sewing, and designing. Although I do not have her talent as a painter, I am excited to be following in her footsteps!
I have always made gifts for friends and family, but never had the desire to sell anything. I had the idea to create a buckeye necklace that babies can chew on when my son was 6 months old, and kept grabbing at my buckeye necklace to chew. In 5 years, I'd love for Buckeye Baby Beads to be a must-have baby shower gift for buckeye fans! 

Meet Katie Roush from Katie's Ooak Dolls...
My name is Katie Roush and I am a self taught doll maker but learned to sew from my Grandmother. We would spend hours at the old black Singer machine. I took to it rather quickly.  I now have branched out into a new line called Pawsh Pets. So, in addition to my soft sculpted character dolls and pet portrait dolls, I make clothing, pet carriers and leash sleeves for your well loved fur babies.
You can visit my work on FB at:
I have been sewing for over 40 years and have made everything from clothing to toys. I would sew up special Christmas gifts for each of my three daughters for Christmas. One year I decided to skip it thinking it would not matter and I was wrong! So, I had to make their gifts extra special the next year. I have always been artsy ever since I can remember. My first memory of creating was playing with paper dolls and making clothes out of paper and crayons because I wanted something different.
I have participated in three Avant-Garde shows last year. I made a commitment to do a Christmas show elsewhere and that was a big mistake. I am now only going to do the Avant Garde shows. I believe the crowd is more attuned to all the handmade work that is displayed there. 
I'm inspired by my youngest daughter, Krystle, who loved to craft and create with me, especially the dolls. When she passed away three years ago, I started sewing again, doll making, as a way to heal. I took my love of a hobby and turned it into something unique. Her memory also has inspired me to launch Pawsh Pets. She loved to dress up my dogs and cats.  I am an animal lover so, creating these things for fur babies is pure joy for me. My pet portrait dolls are exactly that, a portrait painted on muslin that becomes an heirloom. I have clients as far away as the U.K. with these whimsical works of art.

I discovered my talent as each doll was sculpted. I realized how joyful it was seeing them come alive right in my hands. When people started to fall in love and request them, that is when I knew I had talent. It was purely accidental. That was well over 30 years ago!
My creative process.. I see something in my head, and my hands just create it. I also get inspired by fabric. I see a certain pattern or style and I just have to do something with it. I love to take a pattern and just run with it. Patterns are like recipes, a starting point. I just add to it as the doll or outfit comes alive. 

The message behind my work is that I spread joy. If I make something and it makes you laugh or just "have to have it," then that makes me happy. 

Meet Harmony Becker from Songbird and Summer Storm...
My name is Harmony Becker and I am a visual artist who is part of the two person studio, Songbird and Summer Storm, which I run with Erica Feld. We were both trying to get into the animation industry when we decided we wanted more creative control over what we produce, so we decided to start selling art at comic conventions and craft fairs. We started our studio at the beginning of 2016 and this is our first show with Avant-Garde!
I grew up in a very creative environment; my dad is a painter and my mom does a lot of drawing and sewing, so I've always been encouraged to be creative. I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, so creating has always been a very natural part of my life. I draw inspiration from moments that happen around me every day, as well as from a lot of amazing artists who I look up to.
I do a lot of work in the computer, painting in Photoshop with a stylus and tablet. If I'm not working digitally, I'm usually sketching on copy paper or doing small watercolor sketches. I use a lot of Copic markers as well.
In 5 years I hope that we'll be established and successful! I'm hoping to start a Patreon by the end of the year so that I can continue to make work that is meaningful to me and that other people are excited to see.

Meet Shan Baker from My Pillow Parlor...
In 2010, I moved to Columbus from San Diego. I have never been more inspired by the local art scene than I have been here in Columbus. There are some truly talented artists in Columbus, and I'm honored to have my work displayed beside theirs. 
I've been making my own pillows for over 10 years and this will be my first Avant-Garde show as a vendor, as opposed to a patron. I'm very excited to be a part of the show on the other side!
I'm inspired to create by my own home. I discovered my talent by making pillows for my own home, and having friends and family asking for them as gifts. My creative process centers around creating things I would love and appreciate in my own home.
In 5 years, I'd like to be in the same place I am now, putting 110% of my time into what I'm doing and still making one of a kind items!

Meet Lydia Heimbrock from Needle Eye Creations...
I am a Columbus native and have been a crafter for my entire life. Currently, I work at JoAnn's and the Worthington Library. I've been married for a little over a year now. It was my husband who pushed me to start a business from my hobby.
I've been sewing on and off for as long as I can remember. It didn't become a hobby until three years ago, when I received a sewing machine as a Christmas gift. I started selling my stuffed animals at craft bazaars the following holiday season. Since then, I have added some other sewn items to my booth. This will be my first Avant-Garde show!

I'm inspired to create by all of the different fabric and project possibilities. I see something and my mind instantly goes, "how can I make that?" or "how can I make that better?" I love figuring out how to make something and having the satisfaction of saying my items are handmade. In 5 years, I'd like to be successfully selling my items at craft shows and on my own website, and possibly even putting on my own craft show!

2016 Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, March 5, 2016
St. Agatha's Parish Hall
1860 Northam Rd
Columbus, OH 43221
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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