Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday Finds for the Whole Family!

Meet Toni Gilson from Yellow Rose Retail...
My name is Toni Gilson, I’m a married mother of four, and grandmother of four. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, I moved to Columbus 16 years ago. Last year, with encouragement from my husband, I started selling my crafts full-time. I have been crafting since I was a child.
My family is the inspiration for my designs. Growing up in Texas I learned a love for crafting from my mother and sisters, especially crochet. After being transplanted to the much colder climate of Ohio, I started crocheting even more, especially winter accessories and blankets to keep my family snuggly warm in the cold Ohio winters, yet following the latest fashion trends. I enjoy designing and creating one of a kind jewelry, wreaths, and holiday d├ęcor as well.  
I learned my craft through my family. My mother taught me and my sisters to sew, crochet, knit, and other crafts. She has always supported our talents in this area.

My creative process varies, sometimes I see a certain yarn and an idea just comes to me, other times I’m inspired by nature, or even suggestions from my children. My youngest son also crochets, and we share project ideas.
My goal for five years.. I enjoy my current business, which includes selling on etsy and ebay, it gives me the freedom to set my own hours, and spend quality time with my family. I would like to grow my online business, and eventually write and sell my crochet patterns 

The message behind my work.. Product quality, uniqueness, and authenticity. I take pride in my creations, offering my customers a one of a kind handmade gift, rather than a mass produced item. 

Meet the team from Craft Time Boutique...
1st Team member- Eileen
"I do my crafts because I'm retired and need a hobby. The creation of a family business where I could share my crafts was very appealing to me. I have been making woven yarn ornaments and placemats for years, these are the items I've choose to share with our business!"

2nd Team member - Roxi
"I started crafting to decorate my home in an affordable way. After working in a floral shop I decided to start creating my own arrangements which opened the doors for other crafts. I've choose to contribute wreaths and jewelry for our business!"
3rd Team member - Chrissy
"I began crafting to be in beauty and delight to others. Over the years I've tried many crafts and through trail and error, I've found the best methods for my work.The message I want to give with my work is that you can have wonderful pieces at an affordable price!."

4th Team member - Shelli
"I began crafting as a stress reliver, this was the cheapest form of therapy!! I minored in Art in college and continue to do art because I enjoyed it. The message behind my work is that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to decorate for the holidays!"
5th Team member - Hannah
"I began crafting after discovering so many interesting ideas on Pinterest. I started doing crafting as a hobby because I found it was a great stress reliever and always put me in a good mood. Our business motto speaks true to my work, "from our family to yours". I create my pieces to bring joy to other families."
6th Team member - Cara
"I've always loved anything creative. I began at a young age doing portraits and that opened doors to all other kinds of crafts. I am a graphic designer which gives me a designers perspective when laying out my crafting. My message is that you can have beautiful things in your home that have meaning and are made from the heart not just manufactured by a machine. I cherish each of my crafts like I hope my customer will. My hope is that my crafts will help families make memories that will last forever."

Meet Rebekah Walters from One Crazy Bead...
My name is Rebekah Walters and my husband and I and three needy cats have lived in the Pickerington area for 19 years.  I am a native of NW Ohio, growing up in the Toledo area.
I spent 30+ years in the paper and corrugated box industry as an Executive Account Manager.  I took early retirement in 2008 after a serious illness.  I began creating jewelry in 2009 as a creative outlet, and in 2011 began studying fused Murano glass.

After years of dealing with brown corrugated boxes, the endless possibilities of fused glass was fascinating.  It has inspired me to experiment with color, texture, and shape.  Living in the Toledo, "The Glass Capital of the World," as well as frequent exposure to the fabulous Toledo Museum of Art, has influenced my love for glass.  My business is small by choice; my motivation is mostly the pure joy of designing and creating.
One of my main philosophies is that life is too short to be ordinary (go big or go home!). I believe that everyone needs to regularly get out of their comfort zone and wear, create, eat, and participate in something new.

Meet Robbi Jameson from Neena's Recycled...
I am Roberta Jamison, aka Robbi, aka Neena's Recycled. I am mother to four amazing adult children, and grandma to three beautiful grandbabies!  I am a one woman "company" founded for the purpose of sewing and sewing, and more sewing! After copying, creating original designs, and tearing out more seams than I'd like to admit, I named my little endeavor after the name my oldest granddaughter gave me when she was about three years old (she's now nine) = Neena. The Recycled part came in because I find most of my fabric from recycling clothing from the Thrift Stores of Central Ohio! 
I have been sewing since I was 14, and after losing interest and taking a long hiatus, I picked it up again at about 50 years old. I've been making purses, bags, wall art, and other various items (way too many dresses for my grands) for the past six years! I chose purses and bags for my little business because I love them, of course, and also because after I'd made about 50 of them I had to find an outlet to make some money to buy more supplies to keep on sewing!!
Sewing is therapeutic for me and cutting into fabric with an idea in my head keeps me focused and healing from life's inevitable struggles. My ideas were a little scrambled at the beginning - I just wanted to sew with no real goal in mind - but after doing some soul-searching I knew I wanted to use my gift (for it is a gift from God) to benefit others. Proceeds from my sales will be going 50/50 into making more purses and bags, etc., and buying supplies to make lap blankets for the elderly, baby blankets for my local crisis pregnancy center, and dresses for charities that send them to orphanages around the world.  
I strongly believe that the talents we are given are meant to benefit those around us, whether it is our own families, or our local community, or the world.

In five years, Lord willing, I hope Neena's Recycled will be a self-supporting LLC that can afford to hire on a few teenagers to cut up clothing for me! And I'll be able to supply as many worthy charities in need of sewn items as much as I can!

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