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The Final Round Up of Cbus Summer Vendors!

Meet Chelsea Starkey from Fine Arts by Chelsea Starkey...

My name is Chelsea Starkey I am from Huntington, West Virginia but I have lived in Columbus Ohio for about 12 years. I am currently attending Ohio State University and pursuing a bachelor of fine arts degree. I have two dogs and I love animals. I played trumpet in high school and music has always been an important part of my life. 

I have always enjoyed creating art for as long as I can remember it just comes naturally to me. I often create work based on things that I love or certain feelings that can be portrayed in a piece of work. I am hoping to get a BFA in photography and take portraits of animals. I love the emotion I can capture in an animal. I have attached a photo of myself and of one of my works

Meet Christa Will and Tiffani Friend from Dizzie Daisy...
Dizzie Daisy is currently a home-based craft business ran by friends; Christa Will & Tiffani Friend out of our basements, garages, kitchen tables……pretty much any space we can find  :o) We started making things last fall, and our first craft show was Christmas of 2011, so we are a relatively new company.

We are both very into crafting, and find different ideas everywhere we go. We spend a lot of time at crafting stores, shows, and online finding a ton of different ideas for things we’d like to try.

How we got into our hobby... we dabbled a little bit in making small things for the fun of it, or for gifts- then decided to try our hand at a large craft show over the holidays……..and got hooked.
How we got into selling... we tried out a large holiday craft show last December and had such a great turnout and so much fun, that we got hooked, and decided that we wanted to start making things and selling them.

Our creative process is best described as chaotic….. lol. It’s pretty comical sometimes to see us bouncing ideas off of each other, or trying out something new- running into walls- and then finally getting to that “aha” moment, when we think we’ve finally got it figured out. It can be trying sometimes, but its fun!
Our goals.. we would like to be able to provide gifts that people can give their friends & loved ones, which have a more personal, & less commercial feel to them. Small pieces that have charm & character, and say that a little more thought went into them than the usual over-the-counter present you see everywhere you go.

Overall, we just want to create cute, original, items that people could keep or give as gifts that seem a little more personal & have some character to them. We enjoy watching people go through our things and smile, because a certain item or pattern made them think of someone and want to do something special for them.

Debby Stock Kiefer from Box of 96...
I am a longtime newspaper journalist always wishing for more time to craft/sew/bead, bake, cook, read, hike, dance, play board games and spend time with loved ones. I planned to be a Spanish teacher, but fell into bad company at Ohio State and switched to journalism. My mom cried; she wanted me to be an interpreter for the United Nations (news to me). My dad thought it made perfect sense, recalling my grade-school days lugging my spelling book everywhere and the goofy stories I wrote.

I get antsy if I don’t have time to create something. The first thing I remember making is clothes for my paper dolls as a kid. I designed outfits based on Betty and Veronica’s clothes in the old Archie comics. And I still colored in college as stress relief. Thus the name of my Etsy shop, Box of 96. I still describe colors using Crayola names, such as periwinkle, pine green, thistle, mulberry and bittersweet. I am inspired by nature, color combinations I see people wearing, art, a bead, fabric. I never know.
I learned to sew in junior high home economics and from my mother. I suppose the creative gene comes from both parents; she liked to sketch on scrap paper and he made things out of wood and was a design engineer in the aircraft industry.

But for a long time the kitchen was my primary creative outlet. For some reason, when I became a Christian in the late ‘80s, it was as if a floodgate had been opened: I’ve done stamping, cross-stitch, photography, stenciled furniture, done a little painting and lots of beading and sewing. I’ve made all kinds of things for family and friends: aprons, tote bags, purses, pajamas, table linens, decorated silverware, cards, painted boxes, and so on. And for my sister’s sons, I’ve made everything from Harry Potter robes and an invisibility cloak to Tarzan loincloths and sleeping bag liners.
Among my favorites are a particular silverware set, a table I stained and painted after a woodworker friend cut out a new top for me, and a valentine I made for my husband from a deck of cards and lots of cut-out words and pictures.

Right now I sew zippered bags for makeup, to-go office supplies, electronics or anything else; business card and passport cases; stuffed, beaded birds; and totes. My signature item is probably beaded and wired silverware.
I got started embellishing silverware when my sister came to me around 2002 with a very simply beaded knife and said, “Here, learn how to do this so you can make some for me.” Who was I to disobey? Once I started, I couldn’t stop, and people said I should sell them. So to support my bead habit I did a few craft shows in Akron, where I lived for years. This is my first show since moving back to Columbus in 2008. My wonderful husband Joe  let me turn one room into a guest room/studio. If I don’t keep myself in check, guests will have to sleep in the garage!

I don’t know that I have a goal or message in my work, other than that I love colors, and combining them in fun but functional ways, whether the medium is fabric or beads or whatever. I just hope what I create makes people smile.

Meet Rex and Jolley Brown from Two Artists LLC...
Rex Brown and Jennifer Jolley Brown are married to each other, live in Reynoldsburg, and have never met an art they didn't like. They generally work separately but collaborate occasionally. 

Rex does oil, acrylic, and encaustic paintings and copper enameling. He often develops his paintings as he creates them, starting with an original idea and then refining it as he goes. Sometimes he wears the evidence of the possibilities on his hands (and clothes). 

Jennifer does calligraphy, printmaking, and watercolor. She likes to think an idea to death before committing to it and is known to practice pieces several times before creating a final version. 
They both love working with clay and glass. They travel as often as they can and look for inspiration from sources as diverse as coffee shops, fortune cookies, the sarcastic wit of friends and family, and dreams.

Meet Michelle Woods from Studio 7 Canvas Creations...

I love the arts both creating and viewing them. I have been married for 9 years to the most amazing man and we have a beautiful little 8 year old fashion diva who is following my footsteps in art. I am an avid reader and like to write when I am not painting. I love working in my flower gardens or just listening to the frogs and crickets on a peaceful night.

Growing up, my grandma was a wonderful painter and she inspired me in many ways. My mom always encouraged me as well. When I was little, I would write and illustrate books and my mom would take them to a second hand shop where her friend worked. Her friend would put them on the shelves with the other books and the next time we came in my books would be gone and there would be money waiting for me. Now that I am an adult I know that my books didn't really sell but I am happy that the experience as a child encouraged me to write and draw.

Since I can remember I have been artsy. Photography, painting and writing- I love them all. I am fortunate to have the flexibility to be able to work on a project when inspiration strikes. I just let my feelings tell my hands what to paint.

I have always painted and always dreamed of selling my work, however I am my own worst critic. Without the support of my husband I wouldn't have taken the first step to start my business. When I am creating things I am at peace.
I think everyone wants to pursue their dream job. My dream is to create pieces that speak to people. Colors and textures that evoke pleasing feelings to their viewers.

There isn't just one message behind my work. I want those that view my art to interpret how it speaks to them. Do the colors and tones bring back a memory or do they perhaps create a new memory?

You can view more of my work at my blog: 

Meet Nikki Doran from Personal Baggage...
Our Mission... 
Educate people on the issues surrounding animal welfare and bring awareness to animal cruelty one t-shirt at a time!

What We Do... 
Personal Baggage began with mixing a passion for fashion with a love for animals! We bring awareness through our graphic designs, social networking, volunteering, and blogging. Our goal is to be a voice for the animals through our super soft, trendy tees. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and be sure to follow our blog!

What We Make... 
We hand pick our tee's based on comfort, quality, and fit. We want our customers to wear our designs with pride knowing that they are top quality and in style! We design each graphic and did I mention that we personally hand screen print them?

Check Us Out...

My name is Nikki Doran. I am an animal advocate. I design fashionable graphic tee's with strong messages regarding animal welfare and animal rights issues. This isn’t your plain old t-shirt brand. We live and breathe each message we put on our shirts.

I work full time as a CAD Artist for Lane Bryant. I am on the volunteer fundraising committee for a local rescue called PetPromise. I also do some volunteer work with Powell Animal Welfare Society. I am a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and Bowling Green State University. I love to travel, read, and watch documentaries. I also love just spending time with my husband, our 2 rescue dogs, family, and friends.

I came up with the idea for Personal Baggage in 2007, and then I started putting it into motion (very slowly) in 2009. Today my business has tripled and I continue to work with more local animal rescue groups and enter more and more shows. It is really exciting to see the response from people who support what we do. Personal Baggage continues to evolve every day.  

My whole family is creative. I was raised by parents who rarely told me ‘No’, they encouraged me to explore and create without boundaries. My older sister is an Art Teacher and my younger sister is an Installation Artist. I guess it’s just in my blood.

How I got into my craft… I loved the fast pace energy of the fashion industry and I have always loved animals. I came up with the concept for Personal Baggage when I was in college at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. When I started learning about CAD design with Lane Bryant I knew that I loved it and soon I started designing graphic tee’s at home specifically geared toward animal rights.
I knew I wanted to make a product that made a difference. When people started seeing how passionate I was about the cause, they started to support it. I started selling shirts to my family and close friends. Now I ship shirts all over the U.S., it is very cool.

My creative process is LOTS of research on animal rights issues, I like to really believe in something if I am putting it on one of my shirts. Then I like to research what’s trending in fashion and what types of similar messages are already out there on t-shirt's so I don’t copy anyone else’s work. I like to be as unique and original as possible.
I love all my t-shirt designs, but my favorite one is ‘GO FAUX’. This one really hits home because I work in an industry where animal products are so frequently used and animals are often mistreated in the process. I choose not to wear fur, wool, or leather because I believe there are great alternatives out there. I love my cruelty-free wardrobe.

My goal currently, is that I just want to spread the message about animal cruelty issues in a fashionable way. I want people to wear my shirts and basically be a walking billboard for animal rights. And, I want to continue to help support local animal rescues through our donations; it’s nice to know that every time we sell a shirt we can give to an animal in need. However, someday when I retire I would love to open a vegan boutique in Central Ohio.

The message behind my work is Education. I am a firm believer that you cannot fault someone for something they don’t know, all you can do is educate them and let them decide for themselves. I can’t change everyone’s mind about animal rights issues, but the way I see it I would rather be doing something to help then nothing at all. We are not perfect; we continue to learn and grow every day. Personal Baggage is a way for me to combine my love for animals with my lust for fashion.

Check out these featured vendors at the 2012 West Side Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show. This eclectic show will feature over 170 of the most talented artisans and crafters. A portion of the show's proceeds will be donated to the Cleveland Animal Protective League, for animal rescue.

2012 West Side Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, July 29, 2012, 11:00am-6:00pm
Wagner's Country Inn
30855 Center Ridge Rd. 
Westlake, OH 44145
For more information, contact Becki Cooper, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on:

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2 Weeks Away and We're Getting Excited! More Cbus Vendors!

Meet Kelly Zalenski from Klzart...

I'm a mom of twins, a boy and girl who will turn 4 this summer. They have really changed my artistic focus,they inspired most of my etsy shop in fact! and they have inspired me to switch my focus to art for kids (that parents love too!)

I've been showing in festivals for 10 years now, and I have had my Etsy shop for 3 years. This year is my 1st Avant-Garde show!
Most of my creativity comes from my love of all things visual, and my inspiration comes from my busy life with twins! My twins actually got me into my hobby. I'm able to sit and sew while they play, and it's very relaxing for me.

I started my business when I had my twins, I was like, "Where is all the cool twin stuff?" I got the same card a dozen times and only got one set of outfits that were actually made for twins. I feel twins are so special and should be celebrated, so I cut up some of my husband's old t-shirts and made my first set 'milk & cookies". I then followed with 'bacon & eggs" and "mac & cheese," now I have 50 different pairs that celebrate twins or siblings.
My creative process... when I get an idea for a "pair," I sketch them onto cardboard to create a pattern and then I trace the design onto different colored t-shirts, cut them out, and then hand-sewn them all while staying home with my twins.

My favorite thing about creating these items is people's reaction to them. I really enjoy the way they smile and react to the items I love to make.

The message behind my work is reuse, and celebrate siblings!

Meet Heather Hoover from Entwined...
I work from home as a Domestic Specialist with my husband of 14 years and I am a mom of four very wonderful children.  Besides my crafting hobby, I enjoy time with family and friends, going to the gym a few days a week, training my dog (she’s a Frenchton), nature walks, gardening, playing my guitar, reading, board games, and movies. I’ve been crocheting and sewing for four years and just started selling my items on Etsy at the end of December, 2011.

My creativity comes from my desire to bring an original idea to life and bring joy to those around me through it. It could be decorations for the home or a birthday party, a gift I know will be meaningful to a person, or something that makes a game or activity extra special.
How I got into my craft... My daughter received a mouse knitting kit as a gift.  One weekend I thought it would be fun to work on together, but I couldn’t figure it out AT ALL! By this time the urge to create had really begun to bubble up within me.  I turned to my mom for help.  She had taught me how to crochet when I was young. I ended up making lots of scarves at first and even a blanket for my husband. I soon stumbled upon an Amigurumi (Japanese for “knitted toy”) pattern book.  I then made a whole bunch of crocheted animals for my kids. They loved them all so much and presented me with request after request for more!

I enjoyed making Amigurumi for my kids so much and after sharing pictures of them with friends and family, many suggested selling some at a craft show. I created an inventory of items over the period of a year and participated in a show at a local high school. It was a great success, and I had a wonderful time talking to customers and other vendors.
When it comes to Amigurumi, I look for patterns that are cute and lovable. I like realistic designs that reflect the natural animal, but I also enjoy some unique, out-of-the-ordinary creations.  I’m just beginning to consider my own personal designs. My inspiration tends to come from the world of my children; whether it be books, movies, cute characters on their clothing or school supplies and party ware.  For sewn items, I lean toward the practical side. I like creating things that are useful. My shop is kind of a Hodge Podge of whatever I feel in the mood to make. Sometimes I want cute, other times practical, and then the occasional oddity. I have fun trying new patterns and rarely repeat the same thing more than once, although a simple change in yarn color or texture can really change the look, and I like to play around with that! Same thing goes with colors and fabric styles for sewing patterns.

I must mention a word of thanks to June Gilbank, of, for her outstanding crochet patterns and for her great inspiration. I would not be where I am today without her incredible talent and generosity. June is my favorite crochet artist. Many of the items I sell are created from her patterns.  Check them out!
I have a number of things I hope to achieve as an artist and as a businessperson. I want to develop some of my own patterns. I would like to make more connections within the artists’ community in order to grow, learn, and share. I hope to reach more people through my blog, which would certainly aid in that goal. I want to find an organization where I can donate items to go along with sales, such as hats for infants. 

My message is that the art of sewing and crochet is not “dead.” It’s quite the opposite. The world of handmade is an ever growing and thriving community. My hope is that the word continues to grow and many more people will come to appreciate the quality of care and workmanship that goes into each handcrafted item out there! 

Meet Whitney Reiter from Sabores A La Moda...
My name is Whitney Reiter. I'm 23 years old, born and raised in Ohio. This September 2012, my husband and I will be packing our bags and moving to Monterrey, Mexico to work with orphans and impoverished communities in the area. We will be working to help these people become self-sustaining through education.

We're a shop that's dedicated to spreading love and pursuing hope. Soon we'll be packing our bags and moving to Mexico. Proceeds from items within the shop will be used to help orphans of all ages. I have been doing my craft for about 6 months now.
My creativity... I love individuality. If I see something I really like, I try to create it in a way that is specific to my taste and personality!
When I got married and started decorating our place, I realized how expensive it could be to dress up an apartment just the way you want it. So i decided to start making pillows and decorations to display, and from there I caught the crafting disease and I just couldn't stop!
My ambitions with headband making started pretty small. I just wanted to make cute accessories that were different, versatile, and could be worn by women of all ages! Since then, it has grown to what I hope to someday be a great business!
I started making headbands to make money for my husband and I's move to Mexico to work with orphan children. It's a fundraising effort that makes you look and feel good! 

I have many different styles and types of product. I usually just "wing it." I'll start with one part of section, and keep working on the piece and adding and texturizing until I think it's complete!

The message behind my work is that 
I want everyone to see that we are each gifted and talented in different areas, and that when we let those gifts flourish and shine, it can really turn into something amazing!

Meet Kayla Shaw from pangea by K...
My name is Kayla Shaw, I am the designer & creator of p a n g e a  by K, which is my handmade jewelry Etsy shop made from raw materials or sometimes re-purposed items. I was born & raised in Coshocton, Ohio. Im 25, and have lived in Columbus for almost three years. I've been making actual jewelry for almost a year now. But I've been collecting things here & there for the purpose of making jewelry for about 4 years. I went to Kent State University for Fashion Design from 2005-2009, studied & interned in NYC for about a year. 

Upon graduation, I obtained a job with Abercrombie & Fitch, designing skirts. For a short while, I moved back into my parents house before moving to Columbus to start my job. I started creating jewelry from random things I had been collecting over the years, and old jewelry that I didnt like anymore. I had so much fun creating those 1st few pieces.
After starting my job & moving to an exciting new city I never found time to continue my jewelry making, then about a year ago I spent an entire night researching & watching videos to learn more. My goal was always to make jewelry with the intentions of having an Etsy shop. So that weekend lead into me starting to dive head first into this jewelry making & loving every minute of it! I've been taking jewelry making classes at the Cultural Arts Center & have learned so many advanced techniques to create the pieces I do today! 
Apart from my full time job, I love exploring Columbus & all it has to offer. I love music, so Im always going to concerts & shows. Also one of my biggest summer pastimes is tubbing on the river! My parents have a campsite along the Walhounding River that is the perfect summer spot for family & friend hangouts & floats. 

I've always had a creativity running through my veins! I think it came from a genuine interest in creating things just for the satisfaction of knowing I made it! I would always make gifts for people rather than buying them. I get inspiration from everywhere whether its directly or indirectly. I always look at already made clothing & jewelry & think, how can I change this to make it better?
I've always loved jewelry & recently my love for it lead to a curiosity in learning how to create it. I had been collecting random things for a few years with the intentions of someday making it into jewelry. I started watching tons of YouTube videos one weekend, ordered some random supplies & got started! However, a few month ago I started taking a jewelry making class at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center to learn some more intricate techniques.
My creative process starts with alot of research! I tend to perge the Internet & flood my brain with alot of jewelry that's out in the market. Then from all the things I see, I take small elements & techniques from everything to create my own style. I also like to pick one main element of the piece & let that be what shines & not clutter it with alot of other details.

My favorite piece I've made so far is actually one that I dont think I'll ever intened to sell. It is a draped chain necklace with bullet shell tassels. The shape was inspired by a Free People necklace I saw a while ago that stuck in my head, but hadn't made anything like it yet. Then one day I was at Easton & I saw a lady walk by me & her necklace caught my eye, right then & there this necklace popped in my head. I immediately got out a pencil & paper & sketched it out so that I wouldn't forget it. When I got home that night, I immediately made it & wear it everytime I have the chance!

Right now there is no big official goal for me doing this! Honestly, opening my Etsy shop was the ultimate goal when I got into it, and that's already happened! I would love to sell at more art festivals - I just love the people shopping there. They're so appreciative & supporting of local arts. But I would love to see if my talents could take me to creating jewelry professionally someday! You can view my Esty shop at

The message behind my jewelry is that it doesn't have to be gold, platinum or diamonds to be beautiful! You can create beautiful pieces from things that may never have been intended to be used in a piece of jewelry. I'm trying to bridge the gap between industrial & feminine to create unique jewelry that can be worn in a casual sense, but in a dressy situation as well!

Meet Barb Stein from Hangers Originals...

My Name is Barb Stein and I have always been involved in making something.  I have been a rock collector since I was very young. I love nature and for some reason, I am drawn to rocks. I ventured into jewelry making from the lack of bracelets that would fit my wrist. I had so many compliments and folks that wanted one of the bracelets, I started giving them to family and friends. As my interest grew in developing my skills as a true designer and maker of jewelry, I began to do a few small shows featuring my jewelry and wreaths.  This is how I came to name my business Hangers, to incorporate the idea of things that hang. Overtime, I became more interested in the process of jewelry making and creating beautiful custom made pieces for customers including brides and bridal parties. 

I find the creative process that goes into my work very peaceful and gratifying. I gravitate to designing my jewelry as a relaxation and meditative process. My mind is calm and happy when I am making a piece. The satisfaction is the joy I see when someone purchases one of my pieces and enjoys wearing it. I have had many wonderful customers over the years that have enriched my life.  
Doing a show is physically very difficult for me being physically challenged. However, I love doing shows when I can because I get to meet so many fascinating people from all over the world. I love to be in the community of other artists/crafters, this is where I have learned so many skills that go beyond designing and making a project. I find the community very uplifting and helpful with wonderful ideas to share.

I have so many things yet to learn and look forward to adding new materials and skills to my work. Life is a journey we do not always plan, and adapting to the changes that come our way is a difficult process. Having something to do creatively is an outlet that I can enjoy and bring that joy to someone else. You can view my work at

Check out these featured vendors at the 2012 Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show. This eclectic show will feature over 125 of the area's most talented artisans and crafters. A portion of the show's proceeds will be donated to Columbus Ohio's Local Matters, a non-profit that teaches kids and families about healthy Ohio-grown foods, provides access to wholesome foods in local area communities, and advocates for fair food policies.

2012 Columbus Summer Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, August 19, 2012, 1:30pm-6:30pm
The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral
555 N. High St 
Columbus, OH 43215
For more information, contact Becki Cooper, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on: